25 Celebrities Behind Famous Disney Characters

25 Celebrities Behind Famous Disney Characters

21 Shenzi

Celebrities Popular Disney Characters shenzi-goldberg

Another character from the famous movie, The Lion King is Shenzi. Whoopie Goldberg, the famous TV show host has given her voice to Shenzi.

22 Zazu

Celebrities Popular Disney Characters rowant-zazu

 The adorable parrot from The Lion King is actually our favorite British comedian, Rowan Atkinson. Yes, it is Mr. Bean. Surprised?

23 Sheriff Woody from The Toy Story

Celebrities Popular Disney Characters tom-hanks-sheriff-woody

The famous filmmaker and animator, Tom Hanks has created many of our favorite Disney characters. He has also given his voice for Woody in The Toy Story series.

24 Carl from Up

Celebrities Popular Disney Characters ed-asner-carl

American actor and comedian, Ed Asner voiced Carl Fredricksen in the animated film, Up. Actually, the character was inspired by Ed himself.

25 Mickey Mouse


Did you ever wonder the famous falsetto voice we loved known as Mickey Mouse was voiced by the founder of Walt Disney Company, Walt himself?

–o– O –o–

Now tell us how did you score? Was it a perfect 20? Isn’t it interesting how Disney has managed to inject character into those drawings simply by getting these personalities to play those part? Ain’t it similarly interesting how these artists internalized their roles driven only by their creative imagination. As Walt Disney’s famous quote goes…


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