10 Easy Ways to Cultivate the Happiness Habit

10 Easy Ways to Cultivate the Happiness Habit

Elbert Hubbard, an American writer and philosopher once said, “Happiness is a habit, cultivate it.” Happiness they say is a by-product of right thinking and living. I have always been fond of reading self-help books and the most common topic that I have often taken interest in is how to be happy as it is one aspiration that all people share.

I have listed down simple ways of consciously making everyday a happy day instead of it being a product of chance. 

The Happiness Habit #1: Live a simple life.

Happiness Habit Live a simple life

Make simplicity the keynote of your daily plans.  Simple things are what we should desire so that happiness comes easy as well. Spend less than you earn. It may be difficult, but it pays large dividends in contentment.  Keep out of debt.  Cultivate frugality, prudence, and self-denial.  Avoid extravagance.

The Happiness Habit #2: Think constructively.

10 Easy Ways to Cultivate Happiness Think constructively

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You are what you think. That is the power of positive thinking and thinking constructively. Store your mind with useful and positive thoughts. Weed out unhealthy and unhappy thoughts of failure or disappointments. Instead of constantly reacting to the events in your life, be in control of your emotions and in the way you interpret things because your thoughts shape your feelings and if you want to be happy, think happy thoughts.

The Happiness Habit #3: See the other person’s viewpoint.

10 Easy Ways to Cultivate Happiness See the other person's viewpoint

Cultivate a yielding disposition. Resist the common tendency to want things your own way. Everyone thinks that their way of doing things is correct and when you struggle with seeing things the other person’s way, it will cause you unhappiness.

You have to get into the mind and skin of the person you are trying to influence. A salesman will have to know how a buyer thinks in order to make a sale. A policeman will have to know how a criminal thinks in order to solve a crime. Getting into the viewpoint of others is clearly a valuable skill which you should learn in order to be happy.

The Happiness Habit #4: Be grateful.

Happiness Habit Be Grateful

Begin the day with gratitude for your opportunities.  Be glad for the privilege of life and work.  Every morning think of five things that you can be grateful for and feel blessed that you have them. This will energize you for the rest of your day. People who are happier tend to be more grateful and appreciative of what they have.

And the more grateful people are of what they have, the more that they can live in the present moment and the happier and more contented they become. Not everyday is rainbows and butterflies though and when it is so, make it a habit to just shut up and be grateful. 

The Happiness Habit #5: Rule your moods.

Happiness Habit

Cultivate a mental attitude of peace and goodwill to be happy in life. Sleep well. Not having enough sleep increases the chance of waking up into a bad mood. You can also try exercising your way into a good mood as it stimulates the release of endorphins and norepinephrine. These chemicals contribute to decreasing the sensation of pain and regulation of mood.

Taking a brisk walk for about 10 minutes can help in the circulation of chemicals in the body. Also, learn to reframe negative thoughts such that when other people mistreat you, you’d know that its not your fault rather its the other person who may be going through something. 

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