An Inconvenient Truth: Allow Me To Borrow Your Line Al Gore

An Inconvenient Truth: Allow Me To Borrow Your Line Al Gore

After watching a video clip of Sweden’s WTE Technology (Waste-to-Energy) where they recycle and convert trash into energy, I couldn’t help but feel envious and somehow ashamed. You see, the Swedes have become so effective in recycling their garbage and converting it into energy that only 1% is thrown into landfill and the 99% is converted into energy to power hundreds of thousands of households.

Waste-to-Energy Diagram

Waste-to-Energy Diagram

Right now, Sweden had to import 100 million tons of garbage yearly to keep up with their garbage demands for recycling.

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About a week ago, I read in an article that the Germans are encouraged by Power Provider companies to use more electricity and get paid for it since Germany has a surplus of Renewable Energy.

Meanwhile back here, the more you use electricity, the happier Meralco becomes and the more that consumers have to pay their exorbitant electricity bills. Right now, Filipinos are paying for the most expensive electric bill in Southeast Asia or perhaps the whole of Asia even.


The Manila Electric Company, also known as Meralco, is the Philippines’ largest distributor of electrical power (via Wikipedia)

In a tropical country like the Philippines where the El Nino phenomenon is a common occurrence, the people need to use electricity a lot to cool themselves. And for people like me who are afflicted with humidity-triggered migraine, turning off the electric fan is not an option. (I can’t afford to buy an aircon).

The thing about paying Meralco bill is that, it gets more expensive every month despite “economic measures” by consumers like me and even with Meralco’s supposed price cut, it can never be felt. As far as Meralco consumers are concerned, their Meralco bill skyrockets almost every month.

Oh yeah, every time I look at my bill, I still couldn’t figure out all those charges and taxes imposed by Meralco upon its consumers came about. Why do i have to pay for “missionary tax” and all those preposterous charges that Meralco should be paying in the first place?

Which reminds me, about three years ago, the Supreme Court (SC) ruled that it is “legal” for National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) to pass on the consumers to pay their 6 billion debt to their suppliers. What has the poor consumers got to do with NAPOCOR’s debt to its suppliers? Was it the consumers who entered the contract with the suppliers? No! So how in the hell did it become “lawful” for NAPOCOR to make the consumers pay their debts?

I almost forgot to mention, by the time Aquino steps down from Office, a total of 66 Coal-Fired Power Plants will be built all over the country, 4 of which in Davao City, 2 of those Plants have 300 Megawatts power.

aboitiz coal fired power plant davao city

Aboitiz Coal Fired Power Plant in Davao City

Don’t you find it ironic & hypocritical that the Philippines participated in the Climate Change Summit yet, we are constructing Coal-Fired Power Plants one after the other when the rest of the world are TEARING DOWN their Coal-Fired Power Plants due to its adverse irreversible effects to the environment and the people?

And don’t you find it more ironic that the Philippines is the source of raw materials for making Solar Panels, yet, only the rich here can afford to put up Solar Panels on their houses?

Which also reminded me of Aquino’s classic line: “Magtatayo ka ng wind; paano kung walang hangin? Kung solar, paano kung makulimlim?” Such is an idiotic statement coming from the President of a Republic right?

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I can only hope that incoming President Duterte will consider subsidizing Programs Promoting Alternative & Cheaper Sources of Renewable Energy. Oh wait, didn’t Duterte call the U.N. experts “Hypocrites” for criticizing his action to allow 4 Coal-Fired Power Plants to be built in Davao City?

Oh well, i guess us poor “mere mortals” have no choice but to pay the ever spiraling Meralco bill if we want to use electricity. Quoting the “Brilliant”(sic) Aquino when the people of Mindanao complained they have no electricity: “Kung gusto nyong gumamit ng kuryente magbayad kayo!

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