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What is LifeStyleCent

Life. Be inspired thru everyday experiences that everyone can relate with from topics of love, family, faith, parenting, health, food among others. LSC life’s instruction manual format shows readers how to deal with challenges encountered in everyday living.

Style. Be informed of the latest trends in travel, entertainment, sports and the arts from the first-hand learnings and experiences of its contributors. Learn how to live life with ease and style because we can’t afford to make that many mistakes and ought to learn from the experiences of others. As they say…You Only Live Once!

Cent. Be engaged to discuss about topics that matter the most- career, business, politics and investments among others. LSC offers a platform for sharing thoughts, ideas, experiences and opinions on carefully chosen topics that aim to help the digital viewers digest, dispute or discuss issues of general interest. Agree or disagree with the authors’ “two cents worth” on an issue at hand.


It is LSC’s desire to inform, inspire and engage readers, making them identify themselves with it and making it part of their daily lives as a handy tool in living this lone life to the fullest!


To be the leading online lifestyle magazine, with friendly access to a global audience hence allowing every person to achieve his or her full potential thru the opportunities created by the exchange of information, inspiration and seamless interaction that the internet and our platform makes possible.

Who We Are

LifeStyleCent.com is a brainchild of six individuals who one day have decided to pool their time, talent and resources into creating an online magazine where writers and resource persons can share their expertise and experience in order to guide those in search of interesting inspiration and information on various topics that can easily be shared and accessed thru social media. The website boasts of user-friendly graphics and most importantly relevant and original content which are carefully chosen with the genuine desire to make a positive impact to its readers. 

Updated: 2016-05-15

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