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ColorWorks Turns Photos Into Wall Art Made of Full-length Crayons

ColorWorks Turns Photos Into Wall Art Made of Full-length Crayons
Photo credit: Gizmodo
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Looking for a different way to display your favorite family photos on a wall? A website called Color.Works reimagine your photographs by creating hand-assembled pieces of art using full-length crayons. Instead of printing your pictures, ColorWorks uses hundreds or even thousands of colored crayons to create something entirely different.

Credit: Gizmodo

Credit: Gizmodo

The company creates large mosaics out of actual crayons mounted in made-to-order frames. Either you send your own photos or buy one from their selection of images.

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The concept itself is very simple but the process will take a lot of time. When you upload an image to their website, choose the size then it is converted into a highly pixelated structure. Each single pixel is assigned to the nearest color from the 173 different shades of crayon. The result was not as sharp as the photograph but the low-fi aesthetic sense creates a whole new way of displaying art.


Eye of the Tiger (Credit: Color.Works Facebook)

You can get a pre-made artwork on the website starting at $69 for a six-inch design created from 195 crayons, or you can go for the gusto and order a custom size from any image you want (up to 37-inches by 55-inches). Granted, the latter requires nearly 15,000 crayons that cost $3,229.

Color.Works pricing table

Color.Works Pricing Table

H/T: Gizmodo

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