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Want to Earn $1,500,000? Just Jailbreak iOS 10

Want to Earn $1,500,000? Just Jailbreak iOS 10
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Apple’s technology could be very hard to crack these days, that is why cybersecurity firm Zerodium is offering US$1,500,000 bounty to anyone who could remote hack or jailbreak iOS 10 mobile operating system. The largest bug-bounty reward ever.

This is isn’t their first time to offer such big amount for hackers.  Last year, they offered US$500,000 for remote iOS 9 jailbreaks, which was temporarily increased when a US$1 million reward was claimed in November by an unnamed hacker group. This increase aims to get the attention of  more researchers to seek complex vulnerabilities in Apple’s mobile OS. Zerodium also doubled rewards for remote hacking vulnerabilities on Android versions six Marshmallow and seven Nougat to US$200,000.

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To claim the prize, Zerodium is asking for a previously undocumented security hole that enables remote jailbreaking of the mobile platform. You don’t even have to worry about being the first to submit your entry, according to Zerodium chief executive officer Chaouki Bekrar, the company is willing to offer same prize in case of multiple winners.

“We hope to receive multiple submissions for the iOS bounty, as we can afford to buy many of them for $1.5M each.”
– Chaouki Bekrar


Zerodium’s payout table

What makes zero-day hacks too much valuable is that even software companies are often unaware about these vulnerabilities. Such exploits are extremely difficult to find, but not entirely impossible.

Although Apple has its own bug bounty program, the prizes are not as big as those offered by Zerodium as they can only offer a maximum payout of $200,000.

Now. are you willing to earn staggering US$1,500,000? Can you hack Apple’s newest iOS 10? If yes, then visit Zerodium’s official program page for more details about the challenge.


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