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10 Elements of a Romantic Wedding Proposal

10 Elements of a Romantic Wedding Proposal

Wedding Proposal

Valentines day are extra special to me as it reminds me of how one special evening allowed me to realize one of my lifelong dreams- that of being married. It is every girl’s dream to get married, have a grand wedding and build a family of her own.

But being one of the few who gets a romantic wedding proposal was definitely one of the biggest bonuses I got when my would-be-husband got to his knees and asked me to say yes in the old-fashioned romantic way…

1. A romantic ambience

Wedding Proposal

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It was a year ago when we first met and as our first celebration of Valentine’s Day as a couple, Neil invited me to attend their Valentines’ Party together with his friends and family.

It was held at the rooftop of Burgundy Place Tower Condominium in front of De la Salle University. Prior that, he asked me to wear a red dress as the event’s theme required and made me prepare for parlor games that await the participants.  I was so excited then. I even reviewed my diary and took note of our special dates in preparation for the couple’s games that I anticipated.

 We went first to our usual Wednesday mass before going to the event so we came in a bit late at the party.  Upon arrival, I noticed the elegant and romantic arrangement of the place. There were rose petals and candles surrounding the hallway while there were also those floating in the swimming pool. A romantic candlelit set-up for the dining area beside the pool was also visible upon entrance of the guests.

It was my first time to attend this kind of party so I didn’t know what to expect.  I told myself then that I would just go with the flow and enjoy the rest of the evening with Neil and his friends.

2. An unsuspecting bride

Wedding Proposal

Game No. 1: Shoot that straw in the bottle

Though we were late, the party hasn’t started yet as we still heard the opening prayer. It was followed by an introduction of the guests by one of Neil’s friends then followed by the usual games. The first game was the so called shoot-that-straw-in the bottle wherein almost everyone joined.

The guys had to hold the bottle in between their legs as they formed a circle facing the crowd.

The ladies on the other hand had to hold the straw using their mouth while they danced to the music and moved around the guys.

The number of ladies exceeds the number of guys by one. When the music stops, the ladies, using only their mouth and not their hands, will insert the straw in the bottle held by the legs of the guys.

The lady who will be left with no partner will be out of the game.  Then one of the guys will also be removed from the game. This goes on until the last surviving lady will be the winner.

I was so competitive at that time and I almost won that game but I ended up second because I let off the prize to my opponent whom I heard had a crush with the guy who was left in that game. 

Game No. 2: Break the Eggs

The second game was a couple’s game. I told myself and Neil that we should win this time. The second game is the so called “break-the-eggs.” The mechanics of the game is that couples will break the eggs (which are tied up and held in their waist and hanging in between their legs) by means of just bumping the eggs while facing each other.  This time, as everyone expected, we won the game!

As a prize for that win they handed to us two different-sized boxes enclosed in elegant gift wrappers.  His friends compelled us to open the gifts allegedly for picture taking purposes.

There, I opened the big box while Neil opened the smaller one.  As we open the boxes, his friends in anticipation are already capturing every moment of it.  That time, I noticed that I’m having a hard time opening my gift because it was wrapped in multiple wrappers and newspapers combined and a series of boxes enclosed in the big box.

When I was nearing the end, I opened the last box which was heavily sealed.  That time I was already having a suspicion that something was about to happen that night and suddenly felt nervous. I felt the excitement rushed over my body as I hinted that maybe his friends made a surprise for the two of us.  As I was about to unseal and open the last box and reveal the thing inside, I heard an excited tone from one of his friends saying “anu yan? Ilabas mo! Anu nang laman ng box patingin naman kmi!” 

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