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Lifestylecent writes about LIFE.. (daily news, lifehacks, self-help and guides, relationships, career family, parenting, and people who we can draw inspiration from; STYLE (entertainment, sports, films, restaurants, places of interest, travel, photography), and CENTS (business, sci. and tech., work and opinions) all of which aim to inspire and help the readers better their lives for it is lifestylecent's aim for everyone to have a life well-spent.

Social Media Savvy, friendly and soft-spoken. Enjoys searching the web for things she wants to study and share to the world. Loves science especially nature. Likes watching documentary videos from History and Discovery channels.

Lila Villa is a writer, a teacher and a trader. As a writer, she has worked for various publications over the last 20 years, with special focus on business writing and PR. As a teacher, she is a certified TESOL instructor who has taught conversational and academic to learners of all ages, to Filipinos and foreigners alike. As a trader, Lila has specialized in gold spot market trading in the tradition of the Support Resistance Daily Candles school of thought and has trained with SRDC Worldwide.

A High School Christian Living Teacher at La Salle Green Hills, Former Jr. NBA Philippines Coach of the Year Finalist (2015), head coach of BDO Region 3 basketball Team, Head of Basketball program and head coach of Divine Grace Center of Studies and an Aspiring Sports broadcaster and Analyst and lead singer of the acoustic After Class band

I am an accountant by profession and being a wife to my loving husband and a mom to my three kids are my top priorities in life. Reading and writing about life are my greatest passions aside from playing softball, choral singing and housekeeping.

Software Developer, Blogger and self-taught Web Developer. A simple person, risk taker and self-proclaimed innovator.

A Constitutionalist and Critical Thinking Patriot

A Friend. Husband. Father of four. An Entrepreneur. Accountant. Blogger. Photographer. Traveler. A Billionaire in the making!

Writes about personal finance, law, home improvements and lifestyle. When he isn't writing and lawyering, he can be found with his lovely wife and energetic son with their bicycles in tow.

I’m a public servant in the Judiciary, a wife to a lovable husband, and a mom to a gorgeous little boy. I am equally obsessed about raising a God-fearing, socially and financially sound family in the same intensity as I am about serving the public through my profession. I’m passionate about music, numbers, and arts. I'm a financial advocate, a writer in progress, an aspiring backpacker and tourist. It is my wish, together with my husband to share with you readers my own experiences and learnings so that through this blog some lives may be positively changed.

Chef Dexter Bellosillo - Food & Pastries Recipe Developer, Corporate Chef and Research and Development Officer at Figaro Coffee Company, a graduate of International School of Hotel Restaurant ang Managament. I am a food lover, food adventurer, food explorer, recipe broker. I have a sweet tooth and enjoy a lot creating and preparing different sweet and savory specialties. I am also inspired in creating signature recipes of my own. I am jolly but serious, high aimer and simply ambitious.

COO/Vice President of Operation and Finance B&A Consulting Services. A person with simple goals in life: to have a Spartan roof over my head I can call my own; to eat three healthy meals a day; to have sufficient fund to pay my bills; and, to have ample time for gardening roses, reading classic literary works, playing piano, watching musical plays, writing feel good articles and stories, and promoting my advocacies such as arts appreciation, financial literacy, and charitable works. A person with deep Asian values: filial piety, hard work, and honesty.

Friend. Sweet Tooth. Reluctant Writer. LIFE Coach. Campus Missionary

CPA working in the judiciary. She loves to take care of her four kids and to support her husband. She dream of being able to help make the world a better place to live for future generations

A loving mother of two happily married daughters both CPAs (like me) one of which is also a lawyer, I consider myself blessed as God has rewarded me abundantly for putting my trust in Him. I write to inspire others that poverty is not a hindrance rather a great motivator to succeed. Having read several self-help books in my youth, I believe that everything can be learned and I write to share my knowledge to inspire, inform and motivate other dreamers like me. spiritual pilgrim and occasional keyboard warrior. She is the founder and owner of Chivogue Kitchen Catering Solutions Inc. and designer and owner of MNL Gems. She serves every Sunday at the Feast as associate editor of the feast bulletin.

Glenn O. Lingayo comes from a family who loves basketball. A certified basketball enthusiast, having played the point guard position since he was 10yo, he has followed the careers of several NBA greats and knows their strenghts and weaknesses by heart. A basketball strategist in his own right, having won championships in various leagues, he writes ocassionaly for LSC sports.

Joyz is a traveller, a writer, a dreamer. A princess at heart, she believes there will always be a happily ever after.

Byron Vidal is a maverick. Passionate to insights about the world which apply far more generally than the hyped, exaggerated, and unrealistic so-called expert advice. He practices that true success is not about glory of men, publicity, limelight, and glory itself. He is an advocate of mobile lifestyle in unique places, and as a habit is doing his own best cup of true organic coffee experience from sun-drying the coffee fruit himself, peeling its hard coverings himself, hand-roasting the green coffee beans himself, and grounding the roasted coffee bean himself. For him, it's the best kind of cup of coffee.

A teacher, Writer, Nature Lover, and a Molder

I'm Russel Amosco Cada and I'm a certified and a self-proclaimed passionate traveller. Beach hunting has turned into my hobby. Originally from Dolores Eastern Samar, I currently live and work in Thailand as a mentor and have been here for almost 1/10 of a Century.

Public servant, entrepreneur, travel and event organizer, adventure lover, fashion aficionado, food enthusiast.

I am an IT Service Desk Engineer, a working mother of two beautiful children, and a book lover. I am a proud owner of a collection of hard-bound "Reader's Digest Condensed Books" which I have painstakingly started amassing in my early 20s and also a Suzuki Raider 150 motorcycle owner/enthusiast together with my partner. I prefer chilling out on weekends with a good book, or watching reruns of my favorite TV series, or just spending quality time with my family.

I am a single full-time mom who aside from taking care of my gorgeous 3-year old, has passion for baking, cooking, and the like, often devoting my free time learning new recipes online. I hope to open a restaurant or bakeshop in my hometown Eastern Samar soon. For now, I am busy creating my unique recipes and serving my finished products to loved ones during special events and occassions. I intend to share this talent and skills in cooking thru my articles in LSC with an aim to inspire other food enthusiasts to try these creations even at the comfort of their own homes.

Kriza is a homemaker (in reality, it's the other way around). Her career and hobbies are two worlds apart.



I am "PPR" I am a journalist and a young broadcaster in the Philippines. It has been my work to write and support politicians who are in my opinion deserves to lead our nation. I am currently working as a journalist here at my hometown Pampanga.

A public servant in the Judiciary. A loving wife who always keeps in mind the importance of God's word in our daily lives. She loves reading, a bit of arts and music, travel and appreciating nature. She enjoys sharing thoughts, ideas, real stories and experiences.

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