How Teachers Live By the Code

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Let me quote Albert Camus, he said “A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.” Educators, both in public and private schools, are guided by ethical standards provided by laws or formulated by institutions. It often begins with the phrase, code of ethics.

Abiding by the code is highly encouraged because of the high esteem given to the profession by the society, making the code for teachers as one of the most stringent codes comparative to that for lawyers, judges, and physicians. When we say “Teacher”, we come to think of a person who will help others not just to gain knowledge but to become a better individual, intellectually, emotionally and even physically.

Below are some ways teachers live by the code. 

1. They apply ethical guidelines wherever they may be. 

The ethical guidelines are not to be applied only within the school or institution but must also be observed wherever a teacher may be. For one, smoking cigarette near or within the vicinity of the school, or being seen by students intoxicated or engaging in immoral acts is very unethical.

2. They do not live extravagantly

Extravagant and ostentatious living is not likewise appropriate for school teachers because they serve as models worthy of emulation by colleagues, students and others.

3. They act prudently and with propriety

They must also act prudently with propriety at the school, in the home, and elsewhere. Professionally, a teacher must remain true to his/her oath to uphold that the teaching profession is a noble profession.

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