How Teachers Live By the Code

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4. They don’t solicit for personal gain

A teacher at all times must maintain a very professional candour, most importantly with financial matters. I, for instance have never collected nor solicited any amount from my students or co-teachers for my personal gain. I do not use the name of the school or my stature as a teacher to get special treatment or favour.

5. They strive for continuous self-improvement

Moreso, they must engage in further studies to continually expose themselves to learning and trends which are inimical to insuring excellence by teaching current and updated knowledge to their students.

6. They keep a cordial relationship with the community

They must work hard in preserving the cordial relationship with every stakeholder; externally like parents, the community and internally such as my co-teachers, administrators, and specially my students.

Why is it vital for our Teachers to be ethical every time? Because they mold the future. They have great influence on their students, who might become our future leaders. What is instilled in the mind forever remains, and every teachers act will leave a mark.

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