25 Celebrities Behind Famous Disney Characters

25 Celebrities Behind Famous Disney Characters
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We are often amazed by the seemingly innocent and childlike personality behind the voices of our well-loved Disney characters. Did you ever sometimes wonder if the people behind the voice-over match the personalities of the character they play?

Find out how many of these famous personalities you knew and if you were able to imagine them doing the dubbing while watching the show.

1 The Genie from Aladdin

Genie, the famous jinn’s voice was given Robin Williams, the famous American stand-up comedian.

2 The Joker from Batman

Celebrities Popular Disney Characters hamill-joker

The Joker is the supervillain from the famous Batman series. Mark Hamill, the famous ‘Star Wars’ actor has given his voice for the Joker in Batman.

3 Merida from Brave


Scottish actress, Kelly McDonald, is the voice of Princess Merida in the animated film, Brave.

4 Lightning McQueen from Cars film series


American actor, Owen Wilson is the voice of Lightning McQueen from animated films, Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3 and short film Mater and the Ghostlight.

5 Meg Giffin from Family Guy

Celebrities Popular Disney Characters mila-kunis-meg

Meg Giffin, from the animated movie Family Guy has been voiced by Mila Kunis.

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