25 Celebrities Behind Famous Disney Characters

25 Celebrities Behind Famous Disney Characters

6 Dory from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory

Celebrities Popular Disney Characters ellen-dory

Ellen DeGeneres, the famous TV talk show host is the voice of Dory. Did you know that?

7 Anna from Frozen


Princess Anna is voiced by American actress and singer Kristen Bell from the animated film, Frozen.

8 Elsa from Frozen


American actress, singer and songwriter Idina Menzel has given her voice for Elsa from Frozen.

9 Garfield: The Movie

Celebrities Popular Disney Characters bill-murray-garfiel

The famous lazy cat, Garfield is one of the favorite Disney characters from the 80’s. The cat’s voice was given by the American actor and writer, Bill Murray.

10 Phil from Hercules

Celebrities Popular Disney Characters devito-phil

Phil from the Hercules’ voice is given by Dany DeVito, the ‘Emmy’ Award’ winner and famous comedian-cum-actor. The character was also designed while keeping Dany in consideration.

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