Brangelina Split: 8 Reasons Why We are Affected

Brangelina Split: 8 Reasons We Affected?
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Hollywood has had its share of colorful stories of celebrities who hooked up, got married and filed a divorce later. It’s nothing new they say. Taylor Swift has shifted from one boytoy to another and we were questioning who’s who and not why. But what was the world thinking when it got the shock of its life upon hearing the “Brangelina Split” (Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie split)? Why are we affected?

1 They are two of Hollywood's most bankable stars.


It is seldom that one big star gets together with another big star because the ego is usually the biggest issue between two big people.

2 For a while we were made to believe that 'forever' exists in Hollywood.


After ten (10) years of being together, they were even married in a simple church ceremony. Who would have expected things still went downhill after that?

3 Theirs is a case of worldwide drama on the 'Law of Karma' as Angelina gets her turn to be left by Brad Pitt in favor of a costar in a movie.


It’s as if the world was one in saying “It was just a matter of time.” 

4 We are interested with how the fortunes will be divided. The split involves the settlement of great fortune between two high-yielding individuals.


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5 The world wondered if having 6 children in tow would take its toll on the marriage of their celebrity parents.


And now that they are separating, on how they would divide the children among themselves. 

6 The world watched as Angelina showed how tough she was with her battle against cancer and how supportive a husband Brad Pitt was to his wife.


7 The world is intrigued with who the supposed third party Marion Cotillard is and how Angelina would react against her in the same manner that the world watched the drama between her and Jennifer Aniston back then.


8 'Brangelina' is a brand that ceases now to exist.


Their split could be likened to “Brexit” which was in a similar manner once a trending topic in the world of social media .

Whatever your reasons are, a divorce is always a tragedy for the spouses and especially for their children. We instead should say a prayer for a possible reconciliation or continued shared custody of the children that would benefit the children the most. Being married is after all a constant decision and a product of a lifetime commitment to love no matter how difficult the circumstances are.  

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