6 Life Lessons We Learn from Children

life lessons we learn from children

Children are the best teachers. And what we adults sometimes fail to communicate as adults can simply be seen in their faces and actions. The message of an appeal to end a war is spoken in the photo of a child in the ambulance.

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Children are the best teachers. And what we adults sometimes fail to communicate can simply be seen in their faces and actions. The message of an appeal to end a war is spoken in the photo of a child in the ambulance. 

aleppo syria boy ambulance

Footage shared online by the Aleppo Media Center is said to show a boy who was pulled from an airstrike on Aug. 17 in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Sometimes in life, we need to see the world thru the eyes of a child. While parents are supposedly the better teachers, we couldn’t help but learn a thing or two from our children. Checkout my list and see if you have them in yours too. 

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1. Life need not be perfect and we can enjoy and be grateful of what we have.

My children do not have the most expensive toys. But everytime they take out their boxes of toys, they would open their eyes in amazement and utter “Wow!” as if it’s their first time to see what’s inside their toy box. When toys lose a pair of wheels or a part of a set, we should not fret as parents because children will find a way to enjoy what is left of it. Because of our conquest of accumulating the best, we spend little time enjoying the things that we already have. We must use the things we have to their full potential before we even think of replacing them. 

2. Each day is a new day to be treasured as a gift.

Because of their innocence and lack of prejudice, they spend each day as if its a new chapter, free from all the cares of yesterday and worries of tomorrow. In our pursuit of life goals as adults, we tend to forego the enjoyment of the present and worry too much about our future. 

3. Everyone is a friend and there is no such label as an enemy or foe.

Children seldom hold grudges against other children who may have hurt them. We as adults have somehow limited our interactions to those people who we believe we can benefit from and in the process miss the opportunity to learn from small people who may have worthy lessons to share. Our pride as adults tend to lessen our ability to forgive hence, we miss out on the opportunity of having more friends and being in harmony with almost everyone in our circle. This is why children offer the best image in the call to end war because if we only treat people as children do, there would be no war. 

4. We should live each day as if its our last day in the world.

Children do not have the concept of tomorrow and whatever they could do in their present moment, they do as if it is the most important task that could not wait for another day. They try to squeeze in one day the things they like to do and unrelentlessly pursue the things they feel they want or need. We adults tend to procrastinate and plan long term and put off for tomorrow some things that we should pursue in the present day. 

5. You must try new things without fear of failure.

One characteristic of children is that they fear nothing. They are not scared of heights, of falling or of making a mistake. They do things in the way that they feel is right.  They sing or dance when they feel like it. They do not have the fear of showing what they can do even if they are not the best at what they do. They also speak their mind and tell things straight without reservations. As adults we tend to compare ourselves and limit ourselves based on the standards set by other people. We tend to downplay our ability and sell ourselves short for fear of being branded as arrogant or pushy. 

6. There is joy in the littlest of things. 

Children have this uncanny ability to laugh at even the silliest of things and find joy in games that they invented out of their creative imagination. What we adults usually lose in the later years is the ability to be creative and carefree. This is why we are often reminded to take time to smell the flowers because this fast-paced life has made us feel guilty of smiling and of having fun even in the middle of our serious work. 


I have always believed myself to be very patient or tolerant of situations or other people’s ways, but having children have stretched my patience to its farthest possible limits. While they are sometimes difficult to manage, being with children has also given me a glimpse of my days of innocence when people and things do not have labels and price tags. They have taught me life lessons that could help me overcome the most difficult obstacles in life– to think simply and deal with life just like children do. 

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