Pray for contentment

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We often chase happiness and end up frustrated when we can’t find it. It’s because happiness depends on an extrinsic event, luck or chance and success in attaining something desired. And this often ends up in a futile pursuit towards a destination that we may or may not reach.

What we should instead strive and pray for is contentment which is a more deep-seated feeling of abiding acceptance of one’s self and worth, together with a sense of fulfillment and achievement of life’s meaning and purpose. 

For example, all your life you dream of owning a house and driving a car with your family in it. And when you finally reach that dream you still feel lacking. You want that bigger house and a bigger car. While your family rejoice in the fulfillment of that dream, you continue to desire more. It leaves you with sleepless nights thinking of the next step towards your new dream. You worry of how to dispose that old house to transfer to a larger one and of where to sell that car to replace it with a bigger one. This discontent is what steals you of the happiness you should be feeling now instead of that happiness that could come tomorrow.

Striving for contentment makes us choose a mindset of joy and of being grateful knowing that we are a gift to the world, and that every little thing that we have is God’s gift to us. It helps us live in the present moment and enjoy the relationships we presently have instead of skipping the now to relently pursue the future

This does not mean though that we stop striving to be the best we can be but is like accepting the fact that where we are now is where we are supposed to be. For those who receive whatever comes in the spirit of contented thankfulness, all things work together for good.

Trust in the Lord and wait patiently for Him. In the meantime rejoice in whatever you have, trusting that it is enough for your needs at the moment. Let go and let God take you where you could only dream of going. 

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