What’s in a Box?

What's in a Box?

what's in a box


I have friends who stick together closer than sisters do. Every time one of us would celebrate a birthday we make it a point that there is a surprise or something unexpected that we will do or give the celebrant to make her day extra special and memorable.


A day before our youngest friend’s 18th birthday, we gave her a birthday gift that was wrapped beautifully with all the ribbons on it. We gave her a strict instruction not to open it until the day of her birthday.

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She waited with all excitement and did not sleep so that when midnight strikes she would open the gift. And then came midnight, she did not open the lights and just allowed the moonlight to enter her room. She opened one side of the box so that she will not ruin the gift wrap and then slowly slipped in her hands to touch what was inside. When she touched the content of the gift she knew what’s on it and then her tears begin to flow. She knows us fully well that she did not need to open it fully to make sure what’s on it and she was actually right, what’s inside the box was one kilo of iodized salt.

Iodized salt

Being the youngest in the group we always tell her to improve her IQ so as to cope with us because most of the time she was so gullible and we used to laugh at her because of that. We always teasd her to take iodized salt because there was a government campaign at that time through the Department of Health to take iodized salt to increase one’s IQ.

Yeah! We are bad friends but that was just a joke. The real gift was given in a manner that she did not expect. We placed into her room on the day of her birthday all Hello Kitty items that we could ever buy like bed sheet, pillow cases, lampshades, handkerchiefs, combs, mirrors and a lot of girl stuff because Hello Kitty was her favorite at that time. During her party, we also prepared a surprise memory lane presentation that we researched and gathered together for more than a month.

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