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5 Things To Scrimp on During a Financial Crisis

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Life is not all rosy and when financial crisis hits you, it is sometimes easier to cut down on costs than it is to upgrade your revenue sources. Here are 5 things you can easily scrimp down costs on and learn to live without during a personal financial crisis. 

1. Gifts or tokens for special occasions

Gifts and tokens

You can be creative when it comes to making another person feel important. When invited to a special ocassion and gift-giving is inevitable, you can make something out of the items available in your homes. You can create personalized cards or wrap old keepsakes creatively to remind a friend of the good times you have shared. You can cook his or her favorite dish or frame that old photo of yours together. You can also let go of some old gifts that you haven’t unboxed yet or which tag you haven’t cut yet but which you think the recepient is more likely to use. 

2. Eating out or take-outs

Eating out

Food takes up a big part of your household budget. And often the biggest culprit why you go over your monthly budget are the unscheduled eat-outs you often fall trapped to. One meal at the restautant is worth a week of planned meal at home. You also tend to consume more than what your body needs when you order ready-made food instead of food that you yourself prepared. You can also preserve the leftovers for the next meal unlike in restaurants where take-outs often tend to be overlooked and left to spoil when stored at the fridge. 

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