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5 Things To Scrimp on During a Financial Crisis

3. Spending on new and fashionable clothes or shoes or gadgets

Clothes shopping

You actually do not need a lot of clothes to get on with your daily activities. Owning pairs that you can actually mix and match would help you survive the daily grind at work without having to give-up your savings or what little cash remains in your wallet. 

4. Entertainment expenses i.e. movies, bar gigs, amusement parks


There are lots of recreational activities you can do at home very much like the times when there were fewer malls and moviehouses around. You can play boardgames or musical instruments, set-up videokes or watch movies within the comforts of your own home. Another collateral damage of having recreational activities is the food you have to buy at a much higher commercial price. You can easily prepare homemade snacks that you can munch on while doing these fun activities at home. 

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