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5 Things To Scrimp on During a Financial Crisis

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5. Self-pampering rest and relaxation activities (i.e. spa, salon, staycations, travel, beach)


Spending extra for the things that make you feel important and pampered should be adequately spaced. They should not be at your random whims and taken whenever you feel like it. You should also take advantage of the many promotional offers for these luxurious indulgences. It would also be advisable to have someone- a friend or a family member to split the costs with as travels and relaxation activities often costs much higher when taken alone. There are also ways to enjoy travel at a budget by looking for free accomodations or staying at a friend or family member’s pad when going out of town or of the country. There is also a huge benefit in couponing or looking for online deals which offer these luxuries at a bargain. It pays to spend some time looking for these deals online. 

While all these wants add to your well-being, these extra unnecessary costs eat up a huge portion of your personal budget. And when times are hard and all you could rely on is your self-discipline, try living within your means and the time will quickly pass without you being aware that the financial crisis is soon over.

When you accept the fact that the more important things are not how expensive the goods and activities are but how fun you can turn them into memorable times spent with friends and families then you learn that you can actually do away with most of the things you spend that hard-earned money for. 

Happy saving!


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