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Philippine actress’ kin joins the latest victims of anti-drug killings

Filipina actress Maritoni Fernandez’ sister, Ma. Aurora Moynihan, is now a statistic in the latest spate of drug-related killings.


On Saturday, police say Moynihan was shot at dawn and her body dumped in the corner of Temple Drive and Giraffe street in Barangay Ugong Norte in Quezon City. On her body was a placard that said “Drug pusher ng mga celebrities, kasunod na kayo!” (“Drug pusher of celebrities, you’re next.”)

QCPD Director Senior Superintendent Guillermo Eleazar said four sachets of suspected shabu and drug paraphernalia were recovered at the crime scene.

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According to a GMA News report the Quezon City Police District confirmed that Moynihan was not included on the city’s drug watchlist, but because of the drugs found on the body, the police are treating the crime as a drug-related case.

Moynihan is considered one of the more higher-profile victims of suspected “extra-judicial killings” because of her social status and relationship to a movie actress.

Over the weekend in Baguio City, another suspected drug user was gunned down in front of his pregnant partner. The victim has been identified as Franklin Bambico, 33 years old. He was shot to the head and died on the spot.

Reports say that Bambico had been doing drugs but had stopped in 2014 and was undergoing rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, netizens have voiced their support over a post from netizen Patricia Alba who posted about the murder of her father allegedly by law enforcement agents. In her post, Alba cries foul against police who allegedly killed her father and robbed her family after the killing took place.

The post and its subsequent comments imply that the killing was extra-judicial by nature and was drug-related.


The post was dated September 8. No other update has been posted from the Alba since that time.

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