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2016 Philippine Presidential Election (Mock Poll)

2016 Philippine Presidential Election (Mock Poll)
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NOTE: This poll will be closed after the 3rd PiliPinas Debates. Please proceed to our newest and last survey for 2016 National Elections. Click here 

UPDATE: This poll is closed

Have you watched the recent debate of the prominent presidentiables organized by Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and media partners (GMA Network and Philippine Daily Inquirer)? The highest post of the land is about to be vacant in a matter of months and we have in our hands the power to change the course of our country’s history by exercising our right to vote. Have you taken your pick? Have your pre-election votes counted and opinions heard.

Click on the name of your next Philippine President from the list below. Share your thoughts why you think your presidential bet should win.

(If the survey form doesn’t show within a minute, simply refresh the page, user’s slow internet speed may cause delay)

After voting, join the discussion on the comments section below.

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