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Vice Presidential Election 2016 Survey: Who has Your Final Vote?

Poll: 2016 Philippine Vice Presidential Election

We have ran LSC’s first survey for the Philippine Vice Presidential post from March 12 to April 24 and received overwhelming responses and votes. Now that we are in the final stretch and all platforms have been laid and issues addressed in all scheduled Vice Presidential debates, we would again like to feel the pulse of the voting public.

Have you decided on who your next Vice President of the Philippines will be? Go ahead, click on the VP of your choice and have your pre-election votes counted and opinions heard.

Who among the  2016 Philippine Vice Presidential candidates has your final vote in the May 9 automated elections?

(If the survey form doesn’t show within a minute, simply refresh the page, user’s slow internet speed may cause delay)


After voting, join the discussion on the comments section below.

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