My Journey Towards Financial Freedom

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At first, I had apprehensions whether to share my story because of the thought that nobody might read it or it might not be interesting because I’m not a financial manager or an expert in the topic. However, I realized I was all the time wrong because everyone has a story to tell. When we share bits of our lives through our stories, some or many can relate to them. Maybe the person reading is experiencing the same situation that you’ve been through. So better share your thoughts, because you may not know if others will be inspired, uplifted or changed because of your stories.

So, I decided to share something I’m passionate about and who knows, someone will read and eventually follow. Being financially free should be the goal of every human being because we were not created just to work and earn. We were created to live the life we want free from financial worries. I revisited my reasons why I decided to be financially free.

Here are my reasons why I wanted financial freedom: 

1. The broke government employee.

When I started working in the government, I was earning relatively high considering I was single then. But my salary was always short for my expenses. I had no savings and was living from pay check to pay check.

 financial wellness

2. The frustrated giver.

It always pains me whenever people would come up to me and ask for financial help and I can’t draw money from my wallet because it has all been spent for my personal pleasure.

 financial wellness

3. For my family’s future.

The biggest turning point why I decided to be financially free was when I got married. Although, my wife and I are both working, I believe that it is me who should provide for the needs of our family. I can’t let them not eat properly and sleep in the sidewalks.

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4. Take advantage of time in creating wealth.

I’ve realized that the many years that I was not aware of how to create more money was all wasted. The earlier you start being aware of how to create wealth the better. It takes discipline of course but it’s doable. One thing is sure, that there are no short cuts to financial freedom. Not everyone can win the grand prize in the lottery, and even those who win may sometimes find their lives still miserable (but that’s another story).

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Everyone wants financial abundance, except of course people who have their vows for poverty like missionaries, priests, nuns, monks. But all others need money to sustain daily needs. As they say, everyone wants to be rich but there are just some who don’t do anything to achieve it. In this small space, I will be sharing with you my knowledge and experiences in my journey towards financial freedom. I will guide you to create your own financial success story and in time share it also to others. As Abraham Lincoln said, “You can’t help the poor by being one of them.”

Sharing my financial journey has become one of my advocacies in life. For more than two years now, I conduct free lectures, seminars, and one-on-one tutorials on financial literacy, how to invest in the stock market, how to get rid of bad debts and increase your net worth and related topics. My audience, at first was my family, then my friends and later on my colleagues. It later on became a habit that I never got tired of doing and got me even doubly inspired to prepare for any meeting or presentation. My goal is to reach and share the financial lessons I’ve learned to more people who want to be financially free especially to my fellow workers in the government.        


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