Filipinos: Are We Citizens or Slaves?

Filipinos: Are We Citizens or Slaves?
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Here’s one thing very noticeable about Filipinos which is a tragic character flaw. We are so passionate about our politicians to the point that we get so touchy whenever our “Political Idols” are criticized.

Whether we admit it or not, the fact is, our fanaticism towards our idols make us blind. Blind to reason, facts, prevailing socioeconomic political realities. We choose to turn the other way and viciously attack our idol’s detractors and critics with rebuttals and counter tirades.

Sadly, while we “exalt the virtues”(sic) of our idols, we forget that they are public servant first and foremost, sworn to do the People’s bidding as prescribed in the constitution.

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Our fanaticism & loyalty to our political idols made us forget patriotism and replaced it with subservience. It also made us forget that we are the people and they, the political idols are the servants.

Our subservience to our political idols also made us forget our loyalty should only be to the constitution and the Laws of the Land. We forgot that the constitution is the embodiment of the people’s ideals towards betterment, social justice, equality, equity & human rights advancement.

Sadly and tragically, we made our political idols our “masters” and totally ignored the fact that they are public servants, Servants of the People, sworn to serve the people and to uphold the constitution and the laws of the land. Because of the people’s fanaticism towards their idols, they unwittingly made these servants their masters.

This emboldened and empowered these public servants to manipulate the public like sheep to be slaughtered.

Thus, even if these public servants violate the very constitution they have sworn to uphold, the people would willingly approve the violation and even justify the wrongdoing. All those who muster courage to point out the public servants’ wrongdoings only incur the wrath of the blind fanatics.

All reason and logic were flushed down the toilet. What matters most for these subservient blind fanatics perception is that their idols can do no wrong and all pronouncements of their idols are accepted as Biblical truth. Thus, in their minds, their idols are infallible and above the law.

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Never mind if the constitution is trampled upon repeatedly and the country’s sovereignty is compromised and sold, so long as it is their idols who do it, the fanatics are happy.

Never mind if all democratic institutions in the government are perverted and human rights are violated, if it is their idols who do the violations, the fanatics are happy and woe to those who dare criticize their idols.

The sadder part is, because of this blind fanaticism & demagoguery of some, the whole country suffers.

The saddest part is, for as long as the people choose fanaticism  over the constitution and patriotism, the country will suffer even more.

If only the people would stop acting like slaves of their political idols and start acting like citizens of their country, then the so-called “change” that Filipinos are clamoring for will start to happen. Otherwise, this Feudal Colony disguised as a Democratic Country called the Philippines will continue its downhill path towards destruction.

If Filipinos want change, they should start thinking and acting as citizens. Citizens know their rights, value the constitution and know who the public is and who the servants are. Citizens do not make the public servants their masters and are not afraid to “Chastise” their servants for any wrongdoings. Citizens never compromise the constitution and the laws of the land and will call a spade, a spade.

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Slaves on the other hand will blindly obey their “masters” and can never think for themselves.

The question now is, are we citizens or slaves? The choice is ours.

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