Do they even know what “CHANGE” means?

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For all intents and purposes, how in the world can someone who is the PATRIARCH of the Political Dynasty in his city bring “CHANGE?

How can someone who hasn’t complied with the Guidelines on the hiring of Contractual Employees as required by COA in his city for almost 30 years now bring “CHANGE”? The Transparency Clause of the CONSTITUTION demands that all Public Funds expenditures be properly accounted for to the last peso with guidelines.

How can someone who boasts of ridding the country of “ALL CRIMINAL ELEMENTS” in 3-6 months bring “CHANGE” when his own turf which he ruled for almost 30 years now is the SMUGGLING HUB OF THE PHILIPPINES & listed by the PNP Crime Index in 2015 as the “Murder Capital of the Philippines?


How can someone bring “CHANGE” if in his own city, the NPAs freely roam, impose Revolutionary Tax on the locals and even impose Permit to Campaign & Permit to Win on local candidates?

How can someone who said in his TV ad: “WALA AKONG PERA AT MAKINARYA” yet already spent HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS since December, when Campaign Period hasn’t even started yet just for TV ads alone bring “CHANGE”

One of Duterte’s TV ad said: Duterte: “Wala akong PERA at makinarya para TAPATAN ang ibang kandidato. Kayo ang MAKINARYA ko! (Canned applause while video shows a multitude clapping in approval) The thing is, Duterte just surpassed Roxas, Binay & Poe in the airing of TV ads which costs 500k per 30 second. So, what was that talk about “WALANG MAKINARYA AT PERA” again if Duterte already surpassed the other 3 in terms of media exposure? Of course, the gullible, naive, ignorant and those afflicted with Shared Psychotic Disorder believed that, hook, line, sinker and the toilet bowl. Kung ganyan ang WALANG MAKINARYA AT PERA, then, i am still a VIRGIN!

How can someone who LIED to the Public that he DOES NOT have Bank Account Deposits in BPI then the next day admitted that he has indeed Bank Accounts in BPI that he didn’t declare in his SALN as a Public Servant when proofs were presented bring “CHANGE”?

How can someone who initially advocated FEDERALISM without dismantling Political Dynasties bring “CHANGE” when he is now espousing that he will IMMEDIATELY declare a Revolutionary Government the moment he becomes President?

And how in the hell can someone who vows to remove Algebra, Calculus and other Engineering related Math branches bring “CHANGE”?

And just what “CHANGE” are those FANATICS spewing about if their IDOL cannot even uphold the CONSTITUTION that he was sworn to be LOYAL to at all times?

Are they referring to the country becoming the Next North Korea where the people’s LIBERTIES & PATRIOTISM are replaced by DEMAGOGUERY, SUBSERVIENCE & OVERALL STUPIDITY?

So long as the people refuse to use their CRITICAL THINKING FACULTIES individually & collectively in choosing their candidates, the whole country will fall deeper in the shithole that we are in right now.

Haven’t we learned from our mistakes? Or have we become masochists of sorts that we keep coming back for more?

Or are the majority just plain STUPID that they can easily be swayed by RHETORIC, CELEBRITY ENDORSERS, SYMPATHY VOTES & POLITICS OF CONVENIENCE?

Let’s do ourselves a favor, let us base our choices on the candidates’ LOYALTY to the CONSTITUTION.


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Any candidate who calls himself a PUBLIC SERVANT but cannot UPHOLD the CONSTITUTION is a SELF-SERVING HYPOCRITE who can never be expected to bring about REAL SOCIAL CHANGE.

We the people, from whom all Political Powers emanate, MUST STOP creating MONSTERS.

We owe it to future generations of Filipinos!

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