Foreigners React to Mayor Duterte’s Comments

Foreigners React to Mayor Duterte’s Comments

A video released by an unknown user with the pseudonym Politikang Ina Mo shows a handful of foreigners listening to presidential aspirant and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s unsavory comments on his sexual preferences and on Australian lay missionary Jacquelyn Hamill, who had died in the 1989 hostage drama in a Davao prison. See video post below.

How Foreigners React to Duterte’s Comments

Sikat na sikat na si Duterte!

Posted by Politikang Ina Mo on Friday, April 22, 2016

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The control group was made up of Dan from England, Moses from South Korea, Olivia from France and Keosha from the USA. Without prior knowledge of the Davao City mayor, the individuals were able to present their initial reaction after watching a video of Duterte making his statements in public.

The responses were sober and tragically disturbing, but were a clear reflection of how the Philippines, in relation to the presidential aspirant, is being viewed by the international community.

It can be recalled that after receiving criticism on his rape joke from the US and Australian ambassadors, Duterte had threatened to cut ties with these countries should he become president.

Of the video, Olivia remarked: “I think he’s drunk. The bad thing is not so much being a womanizer – then that would be the fact that in diplomacy when you have to be very careful with what you say, if we bring it back to politics.”

Dan said: “Extremely unprofessional. A bit childlike and amateurish. I’d imagine that they are his sort of supporters.”

Moses tried to analyze the mayor’s motivations: “He is trying to bring justice to the Philippines but it will not be justice. He will make more trouble because of what he is trying to do. Kissing and roaming around shows he is a low educated thinker.”

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Keosha said: “Wow, so it’s ok for her to have been raped as long as the mayor went first? For him to have those thoughts and say those kinds of things – and he was mayor when he said this? I don’t know. I see some sanctions coming here and possibly China spreading its dominance in the area.”

In relation to sanctions mentioned by Keosha, Filipino netizen Miyako Izabel shared a post that shed some further light on what should happen if the country were subjected to economic sanctions:


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