Freedom of the Press and Right to Information

Freedom of the Press and Right to Information
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The people’s right to information is guaranteed by the constitution and that is the reason why Freedom of the Press exists. The press or the media’s primary task is to disseminate information to the people and the pursuit of Truth.

Freedom of the Press

Journalism is the work and distribution of reports on the interaction of events, facts, ideas, and people that are the “news of the day” and that informs society to at least some degree. The word applies to the occupation (professional or not), the methods of gathering information, and the organizing literary styles. Journalistic media include: print, television, radio, Internet, and, in the past, newsreels.

While it is true that Media Hegemony & “Envelopmental Journalism” prevail in the country’s current socioeconomic and political scenario, it doesn’t change the fact there are still in the Media who abide by the Journalist Code of Ethics. These journalists do not just uphold their “ideals”, they seek the truth and took it upon themselves to let the People know of that truth.

journalist code of ethics

That truth may be ugly or a bitter pill to swallow for some, still, it is the truth and the people have the right to know it.

Incoming President Duterte’s tirade against the so-called “Biased Media” may be valid but to ban or boycott the what he perceives the “Biased Media” from covering his activities is not only suppressing the freedom of the Press, it also suppresses the constitutionally guaranteed right to information of the people.

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It doesn’t help in any way that Duterte fanatics tasked themselves to be “Duterte’s Media” as their fanaticism towards Duterte will be subjective and will only point out any good thing that Duterte might do and will cover up any of his anomaly and fiasco. For instance, how many of Duterte’s followers pointed out the fact that Duterte is the patriarch of the Political Dynasty in his own city? How many of his followers pointed out political dynasties are prohibited by the constitution? How many of them pointed out the reason why political dynasties are prohibited because it is corruption? Not one of them. Why? Simply because they are blinded by their fanaticism. And they say they wanted “change“? Do they think that the constitution is not that important that it can be violated and perverted? Do they think Duterte is exempted from obeying the constitution? It would seem that way.

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If the Duterte followers insist on boycotting the what they call the “Biased Media” and impose that they become “Duterte’s Media”, won’t they become the “Biased Media” they detest? So where’s the “change” there?

Truth be told, several Facebook pages that were critical of Duterte were closed down due to the mob reporting that some rabid fanatics did. Is mob rule the “change” they are asking for?

If Duterte was voted to the presidency by some 16 million Filipinos, some 34 million did not vote for him(this is on the premise that only 40 million voted out of the 54 million registered voters) Now if Duterte and these 16 million fanatics will ban and boycott the “Biased Media”, by what authority and ascendancy did they take it from?

What right do they have to curtail the freedom of the press and the people’s right to information? It appears that the tyranny of the minority had already reared its ugly head even when President Duterte hasn’t taken his oath yet. Yes, the 16 million Duterte supporters are the minority since the Philippines has a population of 100 million, therefore, some 84 million Filipinos never voted for Duterte.

Whether Duterte or his fanatics like it or not, they do not have the right to curtail & suppress the freedom of the Press, much more, suppress the people’s right to information. Both are guaranteed and affirmed by the constitution.

It is through the dissemination of information that the people can make informed choices and it is through information that the people will know the truth, which will set them free.

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