Miriam: The Voice of the Children and Nation

miriam the voice of children and nation
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There are still several Filipinos who are undecided in the coming election on May 9, 2016. But there is a woman I would like to highlight for all those undecided voters.

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Miriam‘s 20 years service in Philippines has captured the heart of the young Filipinos and also its nation. It is a shock in the news and the social media that Miriam is always at the bottom of the surveys. But when it comes to the bet of college students from north to south of the country, Miriam is always ranked number one.

She was the voice of our fellow young men and women, for she served the Philippines without cheating, corrupting and making any wrong turn.

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What inspires me to campaign for her is among all the candidates, is she is the only one who did not pay for political advertisements. Only her supporters voluntarily campaigns for her.

One of her statements is that she is against “GRAFT and CORRUPTION“, which could stop the overwhelmingly high rates of crime and robbery. Why? It`s because the main reason why thieves, rapists, snatchers, and killers thrive is “POVERTY” which is what the current government has not been able to curb.

Together with Bongbong Marcos their governance will surely rid this country of corruptions.

Miriam has fought and argued against such cases that lead to our country’s betterment.

To all those who still hesitate about her lung cancer should stop hesitating about it. She had already stopped these cancer cells using a secret pill. Her illness is being handled by expert doctors so there is a big chance for her to survive.

There is one apt statement which is encouraging, which says:

Those who will vote for Miriam raise your hands, those who will not raise your standards.

A woman with all the 3 qualifications.
A woman who has not lied and has done her missions right in our country for 20 YEARS…
She respects the LGBT community.

Are you disappointed with Miriam for choosing Bong bong? In my opinion, it is not the son who should take all the responsibilities and SINS of his Father. Bongbong is actually a great politician. There’s nothing wrong with what he’s been doing. He was never accused of corruption.

Do you want a clean government?
Do you want a healthy country?
Then vote for Miriam and Bong bong

I have come to this choice because of my problems with the other presidential candidates:

Duterte : He is a liar about his banks, a pervert old man (who is not to be a good example to children), a killer (Thou shalt not kill based on our 10 commandments). If you vote for him…CORRUPTION WILL NEVER END..

Binay: No need to explain..He has the strongest corrupt name in our government

Roxas: He has stolen all the Yolanda Funds and is a person with no improvement to implement in our country

Poe: She is an inexperienced politician. (like Cory Aquino, she will not improve the Philippines) good in speaking but bad in acting.

Miriam : NONE! (if you vote for her..crimes and robberies can be stopped because corruption will also stop)

My problem on the other hand with the Vice Presidential aspirants:

Cayetano: He is an arrogant man and he is proven to be the one who stole the typhoon Haiyan Funds.

Leni : She is also inexperienced. She needs to be a Senator first before going into the Vice Presidency level.

Trillanes: None(but i don’t recommend him)

Honasan: Like Binay he is the man who started “COUP’DE’TA’t”

BONGBONG : NONE (i recommend him )

Miriam Santiago the presidential candidate

Miriam Santiago the presidential candidate

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Now I hope these are enough for all of you to know whom to vote…

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