Of Cult Worship, Blind Idolatry and Fanaticism

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Years ago, I read an article in Reader’s Digest about a veteran journalist who had the opportunity to visit North Korea to observe.

According to the writer’s account, before landing, his curiosity was aroused by a Philatelist Magazine, which he took and read. To his surprise, KIM IL SUNG’s name was mentioned at least 3000 times!

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Long story short, during the writer’s visit, he was convinced that for the North Koreans, life revolved around KIM IL SUNG and anything he holds dear. For them, KIM IL SUNG is heaven sent by the Gods and they feel they so are blessed to have Kim as their Father, Leader, Teacher, Friend and everything they can attribute to him.

You might ask, how did this happen? The answer is: PROPAGANDA. The North Koreans were bombarded and fed with LIES by the State run News Agency day and night that the LIES were deeply ingrained in the North Koreans’ Psyche and became the Gospel TRUTH. For the North Koreans, KIM IL SUNG was the LAW and the Constitution. It is politically correct to say that KIM was revered as “GOD”, thus, can never go and do wrong. To say anything that will put KIM in bad light is BLASPHEMY & TREASON, even if the person is speaking the TRUTH. North Koreans would FIGHT, KILL & DIE for KIM.

Decades after KIM IL SUNG died and after his son KIM JONG IL also died, KIM IL SUNG’s grandson, KIM JONG UN is now President, Leader, Teacher and Father of North Korea. Yes, the Cult Worship, Blind IDOLATRY & FANATICISM towards KIM JONG UN remains like it was during the term of his father and grandfather.

Again you might ask how is it possible? Suffice it to say that, that’s what CULT WORSHIP, BLIND IDOLATRY & FANATICISM do. They strip a person of REASON, INTELLECT & SENSIBILITIES.

And again you might ask, why am I writing this?

It’s because I see the North Koreans’ FANATICISM in a lot of Filipinos nowadays. I thought that this Cult Worship Syndrome & FANATICISM would end once Aquino steps down from the Presidency. I was wrong. In fact, it seemed to have gotten worse.

With the way a lot of Duterte fanatics extol the “QUALITIES & VIRTUES” of Duterte through their online posts, memes and propaganda, I couldn’t help but compare them to the North Koreans. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying all pro-Duterte are like that, but a lot of them are like their North Korean counterparts. They go ballistics if you CRITICIZE & QUESTION Duterte’s actions to the point of CALLING YOU NAMES, CALLING YOU AN ADDICT OR DRUG PUSHER, THREATEN YOU WITH BODILY HARM & DEATH. All of these because you questioned the legality and Constitutionality of Duterte’s policies.

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For these fanatics, the Constitution becomes IRRELEVANT, Duterte himself is the LAW and the Constitution, thus, Duterte CANNOT go wrong. To hell with Due Process, Rules of LAW and the Constitution, what Duterte wants, MUST happen.

To prove their assertions that Duterte CANNOT go and do wrong, last week they viraled a supposed survey where Duterte was awarded “The Best President of All Time”, beating the likes of Jefferson, Lincoln and all those champions of LIBERTY & HUMAN RIGHTS. Naturally, the gullible Duterte fanatics took the propaganda(LIE), accepted it as the Gospel TRUTH and exalted the name of Duterte.

Just today, there was an online post where NASA, you know, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, supposedly awarded Duterte the honor of being “The Best President of the Solar System”. Expectedly, the fanatics were jubilant and once again exalted the name of Duterte.

There were even posts encouraging others to lay down their lives in defending Duterte against the yellow cult of Aquino and the enemies of “CHANGE”.

Curiously, these fanatics are deafeningly silent on the fact that Duterte is the Patriarch of the Political Dynasty in his own city, which, in case you forgot, is AGAINST the Constitution. They are also equally silent on Duterte’s statement made on April 28, 2016 that his bank accounts in BPI Julia Vargas branch were actually “Birthday Gifts” to him. The Constitution PROHIBITS all Public Servants from soliciting, receiving and giving monetary gifts. For the fanatics, never mind if it is against the Constitution, if it is their beloved President Duterte who is doing it. It becomes LEGAL, LAWFUL, MORAL & CONSTITUTIONAL.

Just to give you an example of their fanaticism, there was a post in Facebook about a couple who separated because the wife, who is an OFW, was against the Extra-Judicial Killings that is happening in some of the campaign against drugs, while the husband was 100% for the EJK. They had a heated argument about this and ended breaking their union. If that’s not FANATICISM, then, I don’t know what is.

This piece will probably antagonize and anger my friends who are pro-Duterte but it doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is that the Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land, the embodiment of all the people’s IDEALS towards BETTERMENT, EQUALITY, EQUITY & HUMAN RIGHTS must be upheld by all Public Servants at all times.

My LOYALTY to my friends end where my LOYALTY to my country and the Constitution begins.


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