Philippine Independence? From what?

Philippine Independence? From what?
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Something to ponder on: Filipinos are accustomed to celebrating Independence Day every 12th of June, the question is, independence from what? From where? Can we honestly and collectively as a people, say that we are free?

May I just remind every Filipino of the curtailment of the Freedom of the Press and the People’s Right of Information that Incoming President Duterte and his fanatics want to impose? Their alibi is that the Media is biased, thus, they took it upon themselves to be Duterte’s “Media”. These fanatics are unforgiving of criticisms hurled towards their IDOL and will threaten with bodily harm and even death to those who criticize Duterte. These 16 million want to impose their will upon the rest of the 84 million or so Filipinos, which happens to be the majority. Never mind if what they want violates the Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights of the People and the Press. What matters is they must exalt their idol through “praise releases“. To hell with the CONSTITUTION and the TRUTH.

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May I also remind everyone that the libel clause of the Cybercrime Bill hangs like the proverbial Damocles Sword over the heads of Filipinos which threatens to abridge our freedom of expression? No thanks to Aquino and his lapdogs masquerading as “legislators

May I also remind everyone that the Philippines has the highest unemployment rate in the whole Southeast Asia? And that there are now more than 3.9 million families living in abject poverty?

Haven’t we realized that we are at the mercy of monopolies & oligarchy? Just look at your spiralling utility bills and you’d know what I am talking about.

Haven’t we also realized that the sacred mandate we have entrusted to the so-called public servants is being trampled upon by them on a daily basis? Be reminded everyone that the servants have become masters.

Do we even realize that we are more divided than ever? No thanks to the Elitist formula of Divide and Conquer employed by the Aquino kleptocracy, the country is on the brink of Self-Destructing. To make things worse, the blind fanaticism & idolatry shown towards Aquino by his rabid fanatics is now being emulated by Duterte fanatics towards Duterte.

And now, the lecherous and treacherous LP politicians just coalesced with Duterte’s PDP-Laban for their so-called “change coalition“.

The Political Arm of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the NDF, also wants a coalition with the Duterte administration and insists that their revolutionary tax is reasonable and wants to continue collecting it while maintaining their arms.

Be reminded everyone that the symbol of our identity as a Nation and as a People is Our flag, not the accursed yellow ribbon,  which by the way, only brought further misery, divisiveness, poverty, corruption & opression.

Be also reminded that Incoming President Duterte is first and foremost a public servant sworn to uphold and be loyal to the Constitution and therefore, is accountable to the People and not the People accountable to him.

For as long as Filipinos remain blinded towards their fanaticism to their political idols, and for as long as they remain ignorant of their Constitutionally guaranteed rights, they will remain slaves. Enslaved by their wrong beliefs, wrong perceptions, misplaced loyalties and even superstitions.

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How can Filipinos celebrate their supposed “INDEPENDENCE” when there is so much corruption, social injustice & inequity in their midst while turning a blind eye whenever the Constitution is blatantly being trampled upon by those who are supposed to uphold it?



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