Political Parties in the Philippines -The Reality

Political Parties in the Philippines -The Reality
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Political Parties are the primary vehicles to gain political power by engaging themselves in political contests, primarily, elections.

Members and their leadership are expected to adhere to their party’s statutes, principles and strategies that is uniquely theirs.

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Political parties have specific functions, among them:

  • Be the continuous link and instrument for communication between citizens and political decision makers;
  • Provide political information and education to the citizens in order to enable them to make informed choices;
  • Provide mechanisms for a fair, democratic and reasonable selection of candidates for the election into different public positions;
  • Exercise ongoing control in Councils, Parliament/Congress and internal activities about the way how elected leaders use their power.

Expectedly, the people hoped that our political leaders will articulate for them, since they are the people’s “representatives” to attain our hopes and aspirations for a “better life“.

However, the reality in the country’s political scenario tell us that:

  • Political parties are made up of moneyed self-proclaimed candidates, political dynasties and members of the oligarchy.
  • Members of political parties do not pay dues, hence, they do not have a real stake in the party to which they belong to.
  • Funds are personal contributions of the wealthy party bigwigs who dictate what platforms and programs should be presented to the voters.
  • Political parties do not provide clear procedures for nominating candidates for public office, nor do they provide for their own members the right to influence programs to be articulated by their candidates.
  • Platforms are usually and hastily done weeks before a campaign period starts.
  • Patronage politics is so prevalent that it causes political turncoatism.
  • Party loyalty is non-existent among party members as “political favors” flow like a river from the winning regime.
  • Political parties are created for purposes of perpetuating the “privileged few” into power and not for public service.
  • There are no mechanisms to correct infirmities nor do political parties provide avenues for feedback from the populace for the representatives.

Manuel L. Quezon’s Quote:

My loyalty to my party ends where my loyalty to my country begins.

had become extinct like the dinosaurs. To begin with, today’s politicians never even had party loyalty, so, we can never expect loyalty to the country from them.

The sadly tragic thing though is that, the people followed the politicians’ lead and became fiercely loyal to these self-serving politicians rather than their country and its constitution.

It is because of this mindset that the Filipinos shall remain enslaved and the country’s path towards regression and apparent self-destruction will continue.

May God have mercy on the Filipinos and awaken us…NOW.

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