Poll: Death Penalty are you in Favor or Not?

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(MANILA, Philippines) The advocates of death penalty believe that its restoration will effectively reduce the alarming increasing crime rate in the country. President-elect Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte has been very vocal about the reinstatement of death penalty in the Philippines amidst the rising crime rate that his government vows to eliminate within three to six months in office.

Filipinos in general have mixed opinions about death penalty’s ability to deter crime owing to the pro-life stance of the predominantly Catholic nation. It has in fact been abolished twice by the Cory Aquino administration in 1989 and the Gloria Arroyo administration in 2006. 

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Incoming President Duterte’s stance on death penalty on the other hand is that it is a retribution more than a deterrent. For him it is foremost a consequence of a crime than a prevention of future crimes. It is also his governance principle that the law is useless if there is no fear attached to it, hence his notoriety for being behind the Davao death squad or DDS. 


Which stand do you believe in? Will the restoration of death penalty solve the increasing crime rate in the country or it will only worsen the situation under a justice system that favors the rich and only punishes those without the means to defend themselves?

Answer the poll below and let your voices be heard. 

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