Redemption: Presidential aspirants “stripped of hype and PR” but still managed to shine at the ABS-CBN Presidential Debates

Philippine audiences expected a circus and a clash of words, but the third presidential debates hosted by ABS-CBN’s  Karen Davila and Tony Velasquez managed to, in TV anchor and broadcast journalist Teddy Locsin Jr.’s words: “strip away the hype and PR” from the presidential candidates.

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Reactions from the viewing public were varied but in general followed a pattern. Usually generous with their praise of their candidate, many Rodrigo Duterte supporters ended up praising Miriam Defensor Santiago instead. Others were pleasantly surprised at Grace Poe and Mar Roxas’ performance, particularly the latter, especially after being subjected to the brunt of jokes and embarassing criticism over the last few months. But most feel that the debates gave all aspirants a chance to shine at some point.

One government administrator who preferred to go unnamed noted that “Binay gave the best answer in the question on how to deal with the Metro Manila traffic situation.”

Many netizens praised Santiago and Roxas for raising the standards of how a president should act, speak and think by going through the motions on nationwide TV and emphasizing on the moral, academic:







One military officer who asked to go unnamed, mentioned that “Poe has good intentions but still wet behind the ears.”

One netizen had good things to say for all, except for VP Jejomar Binay:
3rd pilipinas debates 2016 comments

Teddy Locsin Jr. praised Duterte for his stand on drugs but slammed him for his policy on Mindanao:

Watch the 3rd PiliPinas Debates 2016 full coverage below courtesy of ABS-CBN News.

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