This is not a Tirade against Duterte as a Person and as President but …

This is not a Tirade against Duterte as a Person and as President but ...
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Lest I be misconstrued, this is not a tirade against Duterte as a person and as President, but against HYPOCRISIES, BEHAVIORS and POLICIES that go against Human Dignity, the Constitution and most importantly, this is against the prevailing FANATICAL MINDSET among some Filipinos.

Contrary to what fans claim of Duterte being the majority President, the last time that we had a president who won the majority vote was in June 16, 1981 when Marcos won over NP-Roy Wing bet, retired General Alejo Santos. Out of the 26,986,451 Registered voters, Marcos got 18,309,360 or 88.02%, while Santos got 1,716,449 or 8.25%. If Duterte garnered some 17 million out of the 55 million Registered voters, how did that make him a majority President? To set things straight, Duterte won by PLURALITY and not by MAJORITY. Now, where did the fans get the so-called 91% Approval Rating for Duterte, the SWS or Pulse Asia Surveys? Didn’t these fans branded the 2 Survey firms as “BIASED & PAID BY THE YELLOWS”? These Duterte followers denounce the Aquino fanatics to high heavens for their “FANATICISM” towards Aquino, yet, are doing the very same things towards Duterte. These people, are quick to say that the mainstream media is “PAID & CONTROLLED BY THE YELLOW OLIGARCHY”(sic) whenever there are NEGATIVE articles about Duterte, yet they are quicker to praise any POSITIVE articles by the very same media they call PAID & CONTROLLED.


Duterte fanatics are quick to viral any article that would put Duterte in the limelight, never mind if it’s a hoax, a satire, blog or whatnot, as long as it exalts the name of their idol, it becomes the Gospel Truth to them. Who cares if it hasn’t been verified for fact? Once, a fanatic posts it on Social Media, it will get more than a thousand likes within minutes. Some intentionally create totally outlandish posts about Duterte and it gets thousands of likes just the same. About a week ago or so, someone posted that NASA just accorded Duterte “The Best President of the Solar System”, I have read the comments and laughed but at the same time felt sad, because some people have totally abandoned rationality and common sense for FANATICISM to the point of Cult Worship. Woe to any netizen who would criticize Duterte as a barrage of name-calling, expletives and even death threats would be hurled towards him/her within seconds.

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Oh, this just in, Walden Bello, a former GMA Cabinet member and a losing Senatorial bet, just called the Duterte supporters STUPID, DELUSIONAL and SICK on Social Media. Expectedly, a barrage of Hate comments rained down on Bello, not one of them refuted Bello’s statement to prove him wrong. Well, with the kind of response that they gave, the fanatics had proven Bello to be right.

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As a social experiment to prove a point on the fanaticism, some netizens whom I personally know as they are my friends, posted either Sarcasms or Satires that garnered thousands upon thousands of likes from fanatics. Of course we were laughing our asses off until our sides hurt at the comments made by the fanatics (ignore the redundancy, this is the most civil term I can think of at the moment to address them).

In the meantime, while the fanatics are busy exalting the name of Duterte and attacking critics, Duterte, whose campaign slogan also included: “GALIT AKO SA KORAPSYON!”, still refuses to have to have the DAP recipients and the Napoles PDAF SCAM beneficiaries investigated. Interestingly, Sen. Cayetano’s name appeared in 3 Napoles list as well as in Benhur Luy’s list. Cayetano was also pointed out by COA to have received 50 million DAP funds from Aquino during the CJ Corona Impeachment, there are no Executive Orders issued for the investigation of the missing Malampaya Funds, Yolanda Funds, DILG Funds, DSWD Funds, the more than 1 trillion Unconcealed Presidential Debt and God knows what else is missing from the country’s coffers. Yes, even as we speak, the DAP funds have not been returned to the National Treasury and Duterte is not too keen on chasing it. Why?

Junket is still prevalent in the Duterte regime as shown by the recently concluded ASEAN Summit in Laos. There were a lot of people on Duterte’s entourage that had no official function at all in the Summit. We can expect more Junket in the near future even if it is against the Constitution, after all, the fanatics don’t mind if it is the people’s money that is being abused and misused, so long as Duterte is the one doing it, they will even gladly support Junket.

Citizens were enraged by the 10 billion APEC Summit Budget which Aquino allocated, they called it EXTRAVAGANT. The APEC Summit was attended by leaders of 21 countries. Duterte’s allocation for the 2017 ASEAN Summit will be at least 15 billion and will be attended leaders of 9 countries. Again, not even a whimper of protest from fanatics was heard on this extravagance by Duterte fanatics, and I expect there won’t be any.

Duterte just increased the Budget for the Office of the President by 600% aside from also increasing his PSF or Discretionary Funds (read: Presidential Pork Barrel) to more than 1 trillion which is more than 11+% of what Aquino got. All together, Duterte will be getting more than 40% of the National Budget for 2017. Once again, no questions asked by the fanatics, they believe Duterte can’t go wrong.

Duterte vowed to look after the farmers and the well-being of every Filipino, yet he slashed the Budgets for Agriculture and Health Services by several billions as he increased his Representation Expenses to 7.6 billion from Aquino’s 139.3 million, Consultants Fee to 2.1 billion from Aquino’s 78.9 million. Again, no questions asked by the fanatics.

Duterte himself admitted paying journalists when was still Mayor to get “Favorable” write ups and accepting MONETARY GIFTS for his birthday (re: BPI Bank Account Julia Vargas branch statement, April 28, 2016), never mind if that is against the Anti-Bribery Clause of the Constitution, if it was Duterte who committed it, it was for “The Good of the Country”, ask his fanatics.

Never mind if Duterte is the patriarch of the Political Dynasty in his own City and never mind if Political Dynasties are prohibited in the Constitution, after all, it is Duterte we are talking here.
No wonder Walden Bello called them STUPID, SICK & DELUSIONAL.

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