Truth is the Heritage of Man but Only the Brave Deserves It

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We can all deny and violently react to this, but truth be told, we have become a people of damaged culture with distorted values that made us a nation of weak state with failed systems and no regard for heritage. We may all boast of being the oldest democracy in Asia and the only Christian country in Asia but in reality, those are just empty claims. And by the look of things, the way we allow the politicians trample on our rights, the Constitution and due process of Law, it would be politically correct to say that we are becoming a flock of sheep meekly walking towards our own slaughter.

Truth is the Heritage of Man but Only the Brave Deserves It

The specter of becoming the Next North Korea is very evident. For as long as we remain jaded to prevailing political realities, for as long as we pin our hopes on political personalities without really understanding our responsibilities towards our countrymen and ourselves and for as long as we mistake subservience with patriotism, becoming the next North Korea will be an inevitability. Should that happen, we only have ourselves to blame.

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Not that I am taking God out of the equation, but prayers for Divine Intervention will never happen yet. Unlike our politicians who impose their wills and coat it as the people’s will, God is no rapist and he respects our wills. I am not saying that prayer for our country’s salvation won’t do any good, because eventually, it will on the premise that faith is acted upon and translated into action attuned to God’s will. So, this should all give us the idea that we have our work cut out for us.

Unless we all fully understand that the Constitution and the government are the embodiment of the people’s ideals towards self-determination, self-realization for betterment, we will always be taken advantage of by politicians masquerading as public servants.

Both the Constitution and the government are pillars built on the Core Value of upholding human dignity. Unfortunately, it got lost in translation somewhere and our apathy greatly contributed to our miserable state now.

If in case after reading this, you were roused and awakened, will you act and fight for your rights? Will you fight to uphold Human Dignity? Remember, we are the people from whom all powers emanate.

Call me dogmatic, holier than thou, hypocrite or whatnot, i don’t give a f**k, i remain firm on my stand that anyone calling himself a “Public Servant” but cannot uphold the Constitution does not deserve the sacred mandate of the people, much more, elected to higher office.

I cannot over-emphasize the importance of Public Servants adhering to the Constitution.

Again, may i remind the people that the Constitution is the embodiment of the People’s ideals toward: betterment, equality, self-determination, liberty and identity as a people.

This is the reason all Democratic countries regard their Constitution as The supreme law of the Land.

While far from perfect, the Constitution was drafted and framed to uphold human dignity as its Core Value based on Christian & Moslem tenets, thus it has the best interest of the people in mind.

The Constitution itself has set the standards for electing public servants.

The Standards set by the Constitution are reasonable & attainable, as it only requires loyalty, integrity & heart for service.

And since it is the embodiment of the People’s ideals, it is the people’s sacred duty to ensure that the Public Servants they entrust their mandate to, adhere to and uphold the Constitution at all times- no compromise, no compromise, no buts, no ifs. 

Subverting, perverting & violating it for selfish gains or for any reason is considered a capital crime that merits capital punishment.

That being said, among the Presidential aspirants, it is only Miriam Defensor Santiago who possesses the unquestionable loyalty & adherence to the Constitution, that is why, those who know and understand the value and meaning of the Constitution will vote for her, myself included.

In parting, may i just remind the people again that public office is a public trust, therefore, those who call themselves “Public Servants” but cannot adhere to the statutes of the Constitution are nothing but political prostitutes.

Truth is the heritage of man, but only the brave deserves it.
-Warden Phoenix

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