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3 Phrases Fathers Need to Hear (A Fathers’ Day Special)

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When we think of fathers, we imagine them in an office attire, inside a conference room or in a car or plane rushing for a business meeting and seldom in a playful mood doing silly things with the kids. But when we think of our own fathers, these silly pictures are the images we want to remember them best. Because beneath that strong image is a human who needs reassurance that they are also doing a good job as fathers. And who would best utter the phrases that fathers need to hear but the children themselves- whom many fathers consider as their life’s greatest blessing. 

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My siblings and I grew up with both parents, who struggled to raise their three kids, on our side. It is sad that today, the common image of a family is one where the father is out of the picture. In today’s time and age, more and more kids grow up without their father for reasons like the father is working abroad, the parents are legally separated, or the father has gone to live with another family or had died already. Though we should make the best of what we have, I believe that today’s kids are entitled to that opportunity of being raised by their beloved fathers.

Here are 3 Phrases that growing kids could have said if the father is around:

Phrases Fathers need to hear let's play

1. “Daddy let’s play”

I used to be jealous of my first-born son’s being closer to his father during his toddler years. He seemed happier when his dad was playing with him that he wouldn’t even accept his feeding bottle if I were to give it to him. It had to be his dad to give it to him. I complained about this to an experienced mother and she explained to me that this is because he enjoyed playing physical games with his father than the mind games played with him by his mother. Perhaps, I was so excited to teach my son so many things that I forgot that he still wants more happy time. Daddy knew that my toddler would enjoy more with physical games and not rush into school-type of learning soon.

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