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3 Phrases Fathers Need to Hear (A Fathers’ Day Special)

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 Phrases Fathers need to hear

3. “Father, please come with me”

There is an empty space in the child’s heart that only his father’s presence can fill. This is the reason why any child is happier whenever the father can make it to the important events of the child’s various development stages. The effect is not immediate but it is sure to last. The bond that a father creates with his child is remarkable that even time cannot erase. Knowing that the father is with him, gives the child a sense of security. The child feels secure that they are doing the right thing. A father’s presence is like a stamp of approval that tells a child he or she is doing a great job. The child also feels a sense of security that with the presence of his/her father, nothing could go wrong.

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We must all fervently pray for the time that every child could say these three things to their fathers physically, and not only through mobile devices or computers. May all fathers be able to have that first hand experience of seeing their child stand and perform on stage even when the child doesn’t dance or sing at all, and not just see them perform in the uploaded pictures or videos on Facebook. May fathers be not slaves to the very expensive cost of technology that we are thankful of but unknowingly deprives us of the wonderful experience of just being there with their child.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

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