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5 Superhero Skills You’ll Learn as a Mom

No one is ever ready to be a mom. Despite the numerous books, seminars you attend and researches you make, you will never be able to claim to be 100 percent prepared to be transformed into a supermom.

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When you cross the bridge and get there you will be amazed at the new skills you will acquire in order to survive that calling of becoming a mom. My own experiences have led me to this list below: 

1. Superhuman pain tolerance



A mom’s superhero abilities come out even before the baby is born. The pain and discomfort of carrying a child for a whole of nine months is unimaginable. This skill is ultimately tested during labor and the moment that baby is ushered into the world. While for some it is the most excruciating of all physical pains that moms have to undergo, seeing that bundle of joy makes all the pain go away.

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