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5 Superhero Skills You’ll Learn as a Mom

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5. Multitasking

Supermom multitasking

Rocking the baby while breastfeeding, eating while dancing, picking up the toys with one’s feet while carrying the baby are some of the tasks that mommy learns to do at the same time. On a larger scale, the many roles that a mommy play as a housekeeper, teacher, coach, storyteller, chauffeur, party planner, decorator, family doctor, purchaser, bill payer, budgeter, shopper, dietician and entertainer among others more than makes her the superwoman of the home. 

Mom and daughter

There are many other skills to acquire after one becomes a mom and i’m not even halfway through the process. This article is a tribute to the many supermoms out there especially to my mom who I admired more after I became a mother myself. A mom’s job is after all a job tougher than any superhero could ever imagine. 

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