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5 Unexpected Ways Your Marriage Changes After a Baby

5 Unexpected Ways Your Marriage Changes After a Baby
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Your marriage may take many unexpected turns after the birth of your children. When couplehood ends and parenthood sets in, there are several changes that occur in a marriage that the husband and wife need to adjust to so that the baby does not cause the downhill to a still blossoming union.

1 Sleeping next to each other will be a rarity.

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When the baby is already too big to fit his or her cot, it would be time to co-sleep and oftentimes the middle part of the bed is reserved for the baby so it doesn’t fall from the bed.

2 You would be in dire need of each other not for cuddles but for substitutes when taking turns to get a good sleep.

Sleep is one of the most luxurious needs you will have when the little ones come out of their mommy’s tummy. And when one of you is awake, the other is most probably sneaking in to get a nap. Taking care of the babies require a 24/7 mom or dad on duty especially in the early months when they barely sleep continuously. You are called partners for this particular reason and since it’s just the two of you you’re probably seldom asleep at the same time at night.

3 You become closer to the respective in-laws because they would want to take turns in taking care of their grandchildren.

Chances are they would insist that they have you visit them more often so they get the chance to play with the little ones too.


4 The baby essentials eat up the bulk of your monthly budget.

Grocery essentials now include nappies and milk and they even take up more than half of your grocery budget. You also end up with brand new clothes for the kids and centuries old outfits for yourselves.

5 You both cease being adults and become childlike again.

Entertainment means watching cartoons. Hobby becomes collecting legos and Disney characters. Weekend gimmicks become attending kiddie parties and killing time means a trip to the nearest playground. You lose track of the latest movie flick because the little ones are not allowed entry and trying to watch one ends up with you sleeping on the cinema couch even before the movie climax.

There is no doubt that having the little ones around changes a whole lot of things in the household and requires adjustments from both husband and wife. Just as parenthood changes you individually, it will ultimately change how you couples interact. You need to figure out what things will work for your marriage. Afterall, parenthood should be one that binds a marriage and not one that ends it. 

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