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7 Changes Moms Undergo After Having a Baby

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Many women undergo a lot of changes after giving birth: which may be physical, emotional or psychological. These changes you don’t normally pay attention to but will most likely be able to relate to if you were a mom like me. 

1 You no longer frown on a small scar on your knee

You have undergone probably the most painful   procedure by giving birth and any pain compared with that feels like a tiny prick of the needle. The scar it leaves is the best imprint of that journey to motherhood and there is no other scar more noticeable in your body than that birthing mark. Any other scar is manageable and won’t warrant your now precious time and attention.

2 No other creature demands your 24/7 attention than the Little One.

You don’t have any other important concern than making sure the little one is safe and feels loved. The family’s schedule and out of town revolves around the little one and what will make it feel secure.

3 You no longer pay attention to office politics and gossip.

The office becomes more of a real place for work and less of a socializing haven as you race to the time capturing device right on the dot to be able to catch the little one before it dozes off for the day.

4 You constantly raid the dept store for new finds for your little one even when your wardrobe is left with pre-pregnancy pairs.

What’s exciting about having a baby is the dressing up part not of yourself but of the precious little one. You look for latest fashion finds and end up buying loads of new pairs for your little one and none for yourself.

5 You begin to appreciate your mom more and the sacrifices she has done for you and the family.

You now understand that being a mom is not at all easy. From the nine months she carried you in the womb to the delivery day and the many sleepless nights thereafter, to the many missed barkada gimmicks and the heartbreaking isolation from the rest of the world until the little one is ready to attend school- those are immeasurable acts of sacrifice you never imagined your mom underwent while you were a little child.

6 Your phone and timeline is adorned with photos and videos of your little one.

This time what you feel or wore no longer matters and becomes non-important issues to post on social media-  your little one’s first word and first step becomes a status to brag about no matter what the little one is wearing at that time. Your profile picture no longer becomes your most beautiful shot but one that has your little one’s cutest pose.

7 There is no mistake too grave that you cannot forgive as long as it does not harm the little one.

You become less hard on yourself and more tolerant of other people’s mistakes because no mistake is unforgivable as long as no harm is brought to your little one. That office blunder and that wrong grammar is ultimately harmless as long as it causes no harm to your baby. Life is bound to be lived and mistakes committed in order to learn. For you as long as the children are safe, life goes on. 

These are but a few of the changes we moms go thru upon the birth of our little ones. They may be trivial but to us new moms, they almost completely change the way we look at life and how we intend to live the rest of it…

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