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Great Ideas: 7 Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms

Great Ideas: 7 Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms
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Have you ever wondered how moms keep their respective homes? Do you often want to give mom that supermom cape for being able to squeeze in housekeeping to their very busy schedules?

Here are 7 time saving tips for busy moms based on my personal experience, some of which I have also read somewhere and which I have been applying to survive the everyday challenges of motherhood.

1. Shop wisely.

Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms Shop wisely

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You and your kids will be attending a lot of birthday parties. It pays to be ready with your gifts whenever invitations come, some of which on short notice. Buy your gifts all year round. When you see an item on sale and have a person in mind for whom you can give the gift to, buy it and store it at home. This spares you from stress during the holidays when everyone would rush to the malls for last-minute shopping. Buy in bulk during sale or stock up on items that are frequently shopped like condiments, toiletries, and snacks instead of rushing to buy them when the need arises. Buy vouchers online as there are additional discounts offerred to online shopping. Some even deliver the items right at your doorstep that helps you save on travel time and gas.

2. Schedule your errands during non-peak hours.

7 Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms Plan Errands

Visit the salon, go to payment centers, have your car washed first thing in the morning when lines have not built up yet. Go to a doctor’s appointment before cutoff so you save time waiting in line. Do online banking at night when connections are faster or better yet enroll your bills to online payment. Have your gas tank filled up prior to the weekends so you can avoid the long lines at peak hours. Do your Christmas shopping before the holidays. 

3. Avoid the crowd and enjoy a traffic-less and stress-free travel.

Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms Traffic Stress Free

Leave the office immediately after 5pm before everyone else is on the road. Install traffic apps like Waze to avoid high-traffic areas and optimize your travel time. Do your grocery on a weekday either on a Tuesday or Thursday rather than on weekends when parking is less of a hassle. Shop at the least frequented drugstore, convenience store, restaurant where foot traffic is less to cut down on travel and waiting time. Celebrate occasions before or after the actual holiday to avoid the crowd  on  valentines day, father’s day or mother’s day. Schedule your travels and vacations during off-peak or off-season. If you can help it, recreate mall activities at home like karaoke, taco party, movie marathons and the like to avoid traffic altogether. 


4. Multi-task and do things during idle time.

7 Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms Be organized

Do not let waiting time be idle and stressful by keeping yourself busy while you wait. Schedule tasks that need waiting time first like charging cellphones, cooking or heating food so you can do other things while waiting. Use your smartphone to accomplish small tasks when in line or when waiting for someone. Have a book ready to kill time with whenever an errand takes time like having your car washed or your hair treatment done. Take advantage of commute time to open emails, listen to inspirational talks or make your to-do-list. 

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