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Mother’s Day Feature: We Were Once Children Too

What we mothers sometimes forget is that we were once children too. That time when we had all the freedom to do whatever our innocent hearts desired and experienced to be purely happy. As we grew, our experiences changed our simple and uncomplicated personalities. We were made so conscious by our society that we tried our best to live up with all expectations, most of which were our expectations of ourselves by which, we changed to become better persons.  

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But as a parent now, I think, it’s only fair to give our children that chance to experience what we had experienced.

Here are 5 parenting tips for moms this Mother’s Day:

1. Let them be their own self when they have the chance.

Time flies so fast, and soon they cannot afford to be themselves. They will have to act in accordance with what society expects of them. Let us not be rigid in imposing rules and limits early in their life. Their being free allows them to explore the world and to react to it in the manner that is natural for them. Let them be. Their hearts are  full of love and their minds of wonder, allow them to show and remind us how the natural laws created us to be. Let them show hurt when they are, anger when they feel violated and love when they feel it. 

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2. Let them commit mistakes.

Our little ones have lots of questions inside their big head. We all know that our toddlers’ brain is like a sponge; they can easily absorb practically everything. How to process all these facts is another thing that we should consider. We cannot and should not do everything for them, for doing this is depriving them of the opportunity to learn by themselves as early as possible so they will be prepared when they commit mistakes later in their life. We cannot shield them from all the hurt, however we try to. And we won’t forever be by their side, so we should allow them to gain experiences on their own so they know how to deal with life later on. 


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3. Let them play whenever they want.

Now, as a matured individual, my role is to work but if my memory served me right, as a child I played almost the whole day. For through playing I learned how to sell goods and how to bathe my doll. Now, I do not feel burdened doing my tasks cause I was just playing. It was through playing that we acquired skills that we can use in the future. Play is like our practice and with more practice comes more improvements. Our social skills are also developed thru play. Children learn to deal with different personalities through their playmates. It is where they learn that no two people are alike but we can learn to respect them.

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4. Let them get what they want.

This doesn’t mean spoiling your child with material things. Giving them practical toys occasionally will not spoil your child. Instead, this will form part of the good memories of their childhood. A happy childhood is what will make them a good person later. And when they do not feel deprived, they learn to share with those who do not have. Letting them get what they want though should sometimes be letting them work for it. This would make them realize that getting what they want entails some sacrifices which will be a reality they have to deal with when they grow up. 

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5. Let them know that you love them.

Saying “I love you” to our children is the most powerful words that we can equip them with. It is powerful because of the assurance that it gives that whatever the world throws at them, there are people who has their back and who will be there ready to accept them for what they are and for what they have done. It empowers them to conquer more than what they could imagine because the feeling of being loved completes a human being.

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One’s parenting style could never go wrong if it comes from the innate desire to love. Children after all are borne out of our love for our spouses. Let us remember that children should undergo the different phases of life and being kids is one of them. Let us not rush them into being consumed of this world. They were born with a clean slate and our role as parents is to help them write their own story. But first, we have to let them be what we were once too…children. 

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