Litratista 2016: Photographers Unite for the Young Aetas, Join Us

Litratista outreach
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MANILA, Philippines – On June 4, 2016, photographers from different groups in the Philippines and around the globe will unite in a fundraising activity that will be held at the Nayong Pilipino, Luneta, the Center of Manila. The ultimate objective of this fun-filled event of exciting photography contest, raffles, and recognitions is to raise funds for the benefit of the kids of Brgy. Dinalupihan, Bataan. Around 250 pcs of bags with basic school supplies and hygiene kits are to be distributed to kids in the locality who are mostly Aetas.

Litratista 2016 Photographers Unite for the Young Aetas

As the passion for photography continues to grow in our country today and with the fast growing number of different groups of photographers, the event organizers are inspired by the thought of bringing everyone together, to be “AS ONE” joining hand in hand in reaching out to others.  

Litratista photographers

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Among the activities included in the event are: “The Amazing Photo Race” where participants will have the chance to be a part of a photo race around the tourist spots in Manila.  As Amazing Philippines shares its idea of promoting our country, the objective of the race is to capture designated tourists spot in Manila with an exciting twist for everyone to enjoy. Then there is the “Litratista Shootout” which a fun way of challenging one another as we share our different crafts in different photography groups in social media as individuals and let our photo show the best that we can capture.

Litratista Shootout

The author Atty Neil Estil and his wife Atty Joyce Creag-Estil were able to interview the brain and one of the organizers of this event,  Ser Ludwig “Papachi” Hernandez and below is an excerpt of that interview.

Litratista interview with Papachi

Litratista interview with Papachi 2

Litratista interview with Papachi 3

LSC: What is the litratista event and what is the purpose behind it? 

Papachi: The purpose of this event is to let the country and the world see, that we take photos not only for the reason of being recognized individually, but also for helping others as well, and that we as photographers are also capable as everyone else is to make a change.  If anyone would ask why join… I’ll ask them… why not?

Litratista Event for a cause

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