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Duterte Supporters Defend Their Hero to the End After Video of Rape Joke Goes Viral

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Jacqueline Hamill

Australian Missionary Jacqueline Hamill who was raped and had her throat slit while ministering in the jails in Southern Philippines in a 1989 hostage taking.

It was only very lately when the Philippines once again took center stage for all the wrong reasons. This time it was for having a very popular presidential candidate make fun of a rape and murder victim during a 1989 hostage taking drama.

A BBC news item reports how presidential candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and his supporters made light of the assault by prison inmates in 1989, resulting in the death of one Jacquelyn Hamill, a 36 year old lay minister who was gang raped and killed in the incident.

Netizens in the Philippines and elsewhere lambasted Duterte for joking that “the mayor should have been first” in line to rape the victim. While critics decried Duterte is “unfit” for the job of president, his supporters stood by him. Others expressed their disappointment but many remained loyal to their chosen candidate.

Among the interesting responses were memes and reactions of other netizens towards the posts in defense of the mayor:

One disappointed Duterte fan (who refused to be named) says he needs to “go back to the drawing board.”

Duterte meem on rape statement

One meme from a fan was immediately released to explain away Duterte’s jokes :

Duterte Meem rape joke goes viral

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A lengthy post from one Abu Sabir attempted to defend the mayor’s joke with more passion, but to little avail as some disillusioned readers reacted in kind: (Take note the cuss words, user discretion is advised)

duterte rape joke comments



News columnist and TV anchor Teddyboy Locsin likewise joined in the fray:

One netizen’s opinion sums up how Duterte’s fans feel at the moment:

Watch the full interview here: 

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=dm835bxNyjk


So does Mayor Duterte deserve to be forgiven for a joke made in bad taste or not? Post your opinion below.

Photo credits: BBC News, FB Robin Haines Merrill

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