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Duterte violates law through the public support of rebel groups

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MANILA, Philippines – Presidential aspirant and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has made no secret of his close ties with rebel groups, particularly the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People’s Army or the NPA.


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But according to Executive Order 773, the Davao City mayor may have violated the lawby doing that. The EO states that one of the duties of the National Peace and Order Council, or the NPOC, of which Duterte is a member of, states that he should:

(d) Apply moral suasion to and/or recommend sanctions against local chief executives who are giving material and political support to the Communist rebels;

(e) Monitor the provision of livelihood and infrastructure development programs and projects in the remote rural and indigenous population areas adopted to isolate them from the Communist rebels’ “Agitate/Arouse, Organize and Mobilize” and ideological, political and organization works.

The order took effect on the 5th of January 2009.

Lt. Col Michael Logico of the Department of National Defense said that although the penalties or criminal liability of those who violate the order are unclear, what is clear is that aiding and abetting enemies of the state – those who propagate an ideology running contrary to the Philippine constitution – are in violation of this law.

Meanwhile in a prior video released to social media, a masked soldier claiming to represent the network of government officers who are “sworn to protect the republic” have declared that the armed forces will act against Mayor Duterte’s attempts to install a communist state and to have exiled CPP leader have “one foot” in Malacañang.

Some netizens have voiced their apprehensions and have wondered why government forces should wait for Sison to return to the Philippines. They believe that President Aquino should act now to supress the communist threat:

Philippine Elections Duterte

Philippine Elections comments rebel group

Supporters of the mayor however, have been far more forgiving and have claimed that Duterte is merely making a way for the NPAs to be integrated back into society.

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