12 Ways to Build Your Character Up

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Your character is the sum of all your traits, your experiences, your fears, and beliefs, which distinguishes you from other individuals. And as you mature, it becomes a personal goal to build your character up so that  you can present to the world a better version of yourself.  

You often say you are a work in progress because you are in the hope that tomorrow will be an improved version of yourself. And it is our hope too which is why we have enumerated below:

12 Easy Ways to Build Your Character Up

1. Acknowledge your past.

12 Ways to Build Your Character Up Acknowledge your past

Review your own childhood to discover what made you so fearful and passive. It may be painful, but your parents’ strictness and repression may have made you the person you are today, and you must realize this and fight the strictness and repression in the past. When you know where those fears are coming from, you learn to look at different people’s perspective and know that every person you meet has his or her own battle. Therefore nobody among those you meet are free of prejudices and what they think of you is none of your business but a product of how they see the world. How you see the world may be different from others but this should not stop you from striving to be your best self. 

2. Do something to improve your craft.

12 Ways to Build Your Character Up Expand your life

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It’s never too late to pick up on job skills or a new line of work.  You may have to start slowly, in your spare time but you can do it. You should always strive on growth in your skills, in your knowledge of your particular craft because character is built on experiences and new challenges. Challenge yourself to become better at what you do. Take crash courses, read self-help books. The idea is you should never be satisfied with what you already know. Sharpen the saw so you can graduate to the next level of skills and be entrusted with higher-level tasks. 

3. Acknowledge your weaknesses and work on gradually getting rid of them.

12 Ways to Build Your Character Up Acknowledge Weakness

Identify your negative traits. Acknowledge that you have them and be aware that you can get rid of them in steps.  You can not do it overnight. Knowing what areas you do well and which ones you are weak at will help you improve the old you.

If you think you have one habit i.e. that of being constantly late for appointments that you must get rid of, acknowledge that it is a weakness so that you can exert the efforts necessary to correct it. There is no better source of motivation to get rid of bad habits than your inner self. So acknowledge it and consciously work on overcoming or getting rid of it. 

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