Maximize your LinkedIn Profile to Get Better Opportunities

Maximize LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Infographic courtesy of Zintro Inc.

Notice the title: LinkedIn doesn’t just get you a better job, as it professes to; it gets you better opportunities – which is a wider category of things you might get if you were using LinkedIn right.

The thing is, in this day and age, income sources don’t just come from 9-5 jobs. They also come from short term gigs, business opportunities, speaking engagements, invites to social events and so on and so forth – various ‘opportunities’ that could either get you hired, turn you into a partner, open up a chance for business or any number of variations that fall under the category of “window of opportunity.”

The question now is are you on LinkedIn, and if you’re not, why? And if you already are, are you using your profile to the fullest?

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Both kinds of people will benefit well from understanding how LinkedIn works. It’s more than just a glorified CV that sums up your qualifications in a professional looking page. It gives you the opportunity to hasten your job search and to do it in a more meaningful way.

Imagine wading through pages of job ads and sending your application en masse to all of them, occasionally missing the mark and getting your email sent to the wrong inbox or getting buried underneath a hundred other people who have similar or better qualifications than you.

On LinkedIn you can directly get in touch with the relevant people in the specific department in the actual organization that you want to join.

Let’s say for example you are gunning for a job in administration for a government agency. Through your contacts you find that your husband’s colleague is married to the Chief of Staff of Labor Department – and it’s an organization that is right up your alley. You can ask your husband to ask his friend to ask his wife. Who knows, you might just have the couple over for dinner? One thing leads to another and voila.

Of course you may or may not get this lucky in real life but you do catch the drift. Be creative in using that principle and you will find that LinkedIn lets you magnify the power of relationships and word-of-mouth more than a dozen times over.

The thing to remember is that you’re doing this because in this 21st century market place, nothing lasts forever. We’re only as good as our last performance or our current relationships.

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