10 Must-Have Tips for Fresh Teachers

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A new School Year is coming. In line with this is the kick-off of the grade 11 or the start of the senior high school. This is one of the main reasons for the mass hiring of teachers not only in public schools but also in private schools, colleges and universities who will be offering the senior high school.

Weeks ago, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) posted the results of the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) passers which added more Professional teachers in the Philippines. In addition, teacher education students for 2016 just graduated last April with some who are still about to graduate in June.

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Whether you are just a fresh graduate who will apply in some private schools or a qualified applicant who will teach in public school, you are probably looking for some tips on how to be a better teacher. You will not be on this page if you are not searching for ideas what to expect in school and how to act on these expectation.

I have here some tips collected from experienced master teachers who gave me advice during my first year in the field of teaching.

Tips for Fresh Teachers Be punctual

Tip #1. Be punctual

“Have you experienced being late on your class?” my Supervisor asked during my interview. As a teacher, you should NEVER be late. A teacher must go to school 15-30 minutes before time. Teachers should be a model for his/her students. If you want your students to go to school early, you should start it.

Tips for Fresh Teachers do's and dont's

Tip #2. Post your rules

This is applicable to any grade level. Students are very curious of everything. At the first day of the class, you must tell your students the do’s and don’ts for the whole school year. If you do not tell your rules on the first day, students would become curious if his attitudes and his actions will make you angry. It is better for them to follow some norms from the first day until the end of school year.

Tips for Fresh Teachers teacher gentle and strict

Tip #3. Be strict but gentle

My teacher told me once that I should be very strict at the first week of my teaching. This will impose not fear but limitations to your students that you are still a teacher. This is due to the reason that some of the students don’t even know their boundaries with respect to the teacher. But you must also be gentle, as teachers must know how to care for the students. Don’t waste your whole period scolding your students. If it is a minor disruption, ignore it and talk to the student after the class.

Tips for Fresh Teachers Knowing your Student

Tip #4. Know your students

During the first day, I asked my students to submit an autobiography telling all they want about their selves. It doesn’t need to be formal. I asked them to write it down in order for me to have a hint about their self. It would be better if you will tell some stories that would interest them in order for you to connect with them. What I did is to learn about DOTA to connect with my boys and learned WATTPAD or KPOP to relate with my girls. It is also good to talk with them during their recess or break time in order for you to know them more.

Tips for Fresh Teachers Connect with the parents

Tip #5. Connect with the parents

This is such a great tip. I let the parents know about their child’s status inside the school. Whenever their child got an award or perform an excellent job, even when the child did something wrong, I tell it to the parents. It is good to have a personal communication with them so that they can be our partners in molding their child.

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