7 Ways to Overcome the Relationship Challenge

7 Ways to Overcome the Relationship Challenge
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This article is about the 7 ways to overcome the challenges of loving your spouse, a spinoff from the Love Your Spouse Challenge article which we published prior to this release.

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There are several ways to keep a relationship. When two people are madly in-love with one another, the acts of love come naturally. But relationships are not all bed of roses and when loving another becomes a challenge, you hold on to that promise that you stick together for better or for worse… And while there are duties you need to fulfill for your children, you must NEVER take your spouse for granted and MUST remember that you are a spouse first before you are a parent. 

1. Support each other’s dreams and work on achieving your goals as spouses.

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Your spouse is your better half because when you got married, the two of you became one. You are supposed to cooperate and work together as a team. Look at your wedding album and recall the bliss you experienced preparing for that epic day and remember your promise to stick together when times are both at its highest and at its lowest. Wives, support your husband’s dreams and cheer them as they take on new responsibilities in the community or as they take on a new hobby. Husbands, allow your wives to prosper in their careers or let them have a pamper time by taking care of the household every now and then. Be there to support your significant other even when your ego tells you it should all be about you. The fruits of your labor would be sweetest when you have each other to celebrate those marriage milestones with- like having  kids, building your home, or seeing your children do well in school. 

2. Spend time enjoying activities with your spouse.

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Even with kids in tow, there are several activities you and your spouse can still do together. A trip to the grocery on weekends will make you plan and give you a sense of accomplishment. Those weekend getaways are a means to break the monotony of work. They recharge the body and spirit and make you relive those date nights when the two of you longed to try things out- whether eating at a new restaurant, playing that sports fad, or watching the latest movie flick (some kids may be too young to watch in cinemas so a movie marathon at home would do for the meantime). Staying at home and doing the chores together with the kids is another bonding opportunity that you should work on as a family. The family that plays together they say, stays together. 

3. Explore the world and grow together.

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Some things are just better experienced with the person you love. And the best way to enjoy travel the most is to share the experience with your spouse.  The memories you create with your spouse and your children tend to last a lifetime. It is also a way to discover your partner better and understand each other on a whole new level. You will learn and care a lot about your spouse when you have no one else to depend on but each other. It is also a wonderful bonding experience to be able to take care of the person you love and show them that you have their back. 

4. Smile or laugh rather than fight and argue (love, love, love).

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Laugh at silly things or at each other. Just don’t be too dead serious. When things don’t go as planned, it is easy to put the blame on your partner. As spouses, you must learn the art of not sweating the small stuff and choosing your battles.  The truth is, nothing in this world will go exactly the way you want it and you must learn to adapt. When you feel the want or need to argue, confront, or even fight for something you believe in, do not lose track of what’s truly relevant. At the end of the day, what is important is that you have each other. 

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